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  • Ravendb 2360

    RavenDB is a document database for the .NET/Windows platform, created for environments with high traffic loads.It's open sourced for non-commercial projects and available under a commercial license for everything else. Here are some key features of "

  • Orientdb-net.binary 0.2.1

    OrientDB is a NoSQL database. Specialized in key-value storage mechanisms, OrientDB is light, portable and incredibly fast.The OrientDB-NET.binary client allows developers to interact with the OrientDB REST API from Mono or .NET-based websites or app

  • Arangodb-net 1.0 Alpha

    ArangoDB-NET allows developers to interact with the ArangoDB REST API from Mono or .NET-based websites or applications.The package is basically an ODM (object document mapper), similar to what an ORM (object relational mapper) stands for to rela

  • Mango

    The library allows C# apps to save, retrieve, write and use data stored in MongoDB databases.The entire library is contained in one single C# file. Here are some key features of "Mango":· Insert data in the database· Batch inserts· Upd

  • Akavache

    Developed by the professionals at GitHub, it's a cache system for desktop apps.Supports fetching and loading data, without blocking the UI and the user's experience.Akavache is like libmemcached, but for usage with desktop apps. Requirements:· .

  • Mybatis.net 1.6.2

    MyBatis allows developers to connect .NET-based OOP apps to XML or SQL databases.MyBatis is an evolution on Apache's old iBATIS project.

  • Sqlwatcher

    It monitors the entire database structure for all changes during an operation. All changes are logged for later further debugging.Unlike other DB monitors, SqlWatcher does not poll for changes, nor does it leave a database connection open. This drast

  • Mongodb C# Driver

    The driver will allow C# apps to save, retrieve, write and use data stored in MongoDB databases.The current version of the C# Driver has been built and tested using Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2008.

  • Neo4net 1.0

    This library wraps all of the Neo4j REST API methods and make it simple to build a graph-based web applications in .NET.Instead of static and rigid tables, rows and columns, the developer works with a flexible graph network consisting of nodes, relat

  • Sql Server Backup File In Zip Format

    Files will be saved to a local directory.

  • Firebird / / /

    Firebird is based on many ANSI SQL standard features.It highlights excellent concurrency, performance and powerful stored procedure and a trigger language.

  • Mysql Connector/net 6.6.5 / 6.7.2 beta

    Connector/NET enables developers to easily create .NET applications that require secure, high-performance data connectivity with MySQL.It implements the required ADO.NET interfaces and integrates into ADO.NET aware tools.Developers can build applicat

  • Npgsql 2.0.12

    What it does it that allows any program developed for the .NET framework to access a PostgreSQL database server.It is implemented in 100% C# code. Requirements:· PostgreSQL 7 or higher What's New in This Release: Fixed bugs:· Wrong SQL stat

  • .net Database Utility Library 1.1.0

    The library works in any .NET or ASP.NET project, using C#, VB.net or any other .NET language.It will eliminate repetitive tasks when developing database-driven applications. Here are some key features of ".net Database Utility Library":· Full M

  • Nhibernate 3.3.3 GA

    NHibernate automatically renders SQL for handling objects, based on an XML description. Here are some key features of "NHibernate":· Natural programming model· Native .NET support· Support for fine-grained object models· No build-

  • Embedded Sql

    When ever you create an application which uses a database. There certainly are variations but you have basically two option when it comes to deal with SQL-Statements. You can choose to type the SQL-statements in the source code or you can create stor

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