• Brutal Squirrel 0.3

    It was written in C and reads from standard input and puts to standard output.Developers can use text editor (such as vi or emacs) as hex file editors.They also can compose any binary file or text file with non-keyboard symbols directly at hex digits

  • 'site Is Under Maintenance' Redirect

    Some .htaccess magic, just sub in your IP

  • Tar Up, Excluding Common Media Extensions

    Hop in the dir you want to back up (note: this means it'll expand without a base directory, so do a mkdir/cd first!)

  • Mass Find-replace Using Sed

    Replace some widespread nasty hardcoded strings. 'sed $file > $file' doesn't work so hot so we use a temp file, and also make a backup of the old file.

  • Find Last Article

    Add this to your Article model (or whatever you name it) to get the last published article on your site.

  • Simple Negative Number Check

    Checks whether a passed argument is negative or not. Pass the number you want checked into the subroutine, and it will return a 1 if the number is negative, and a 0 if it is positive.

  • Simple Equation To Words Conversion

    Checks an equation and just specifies whether it's a digit or a mathematical operator.

  • Random Numbers Generator

    Will generate a list of random numbers using a hash to insure unique numbers in the final list. .

  • Prime Numbers Snippets

    This prints out prime numbers and their sequence number. Eg. 7 - #4Just run it with the number of primes you wish to see.

  • List Randomizer

    Insert a list of items as arguments, separated by " " and it will print them out in random order, each on its seaparate line and equipped with a sequence number.

  • Guesses The Number

    Your PC will start guessing a number between 1 and the inserted number. If the guessed number is bigger than the random chosen one, the computer will start guessing numbers smaller than it, and the same goes for guessing a smaller number than the cho

  • Getting Header Information

    Gets Host Header Information using PERL.

  • Fibonacci Sequence Snippets

    This code prints out the Fibonacci sequence. Supply the argument to control how many numbers you want.

  • Factors Snippets

    This program gets factors for a number. Can easily be reprogrammed to print only prime factors. Use the number, which you want the factors for, as the argument.

  • Decimal To Hex Convertor

    Converts a Decimal Number into Hexadecimal through the Command Line.

  • Currency [rupee] Denomination Program

    A Simple Indian Rupee denomination Program in Perl

  • Any Base To Any Base Convertor

    Converts a Number from any base to any base using PERL.

  • Word Filter Snippet

    It just store it on a vector then separate the word from sentence. Simple way to separate the words contained in a sentence. As an option you can store the words in a vector. You had to enter any string or a sentence like then output it by words

  • Word Count In A File

    It prints the words and its word count in another file.

  • Winsock Example

    The main() routine for all the "Basic Winsock" suite of programs from the Winsock Programmer's FAQ. This function parses the command line, starts up Winsock, and calls an external function called DoWinsock to do the actual work.

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