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  • Ngx_pagespeed

    The Google PageSpeed SDK is a set of tools for improving overall site speed and loading times via a series of operations.The ngx_pagespeed NginX module allows webmasters to automatically perform all (or some) of these operations and improvements.From

  • Kore

    Kore is different from any other server because it does not execute code at runtime, nor keeps files on disk. It keeps sites as precompiled C modules, for faster response times, directly from memory.Another great feature is its support for reloading

  • Pinba 1.0.0

    Pinba stands for "PHP Is Not A Bottleneck Anymore".Pinba uses MySQL to log performance related indicators for PHP servers and interpreted code.It can be used as a debug utility, or just for tracking server usage across one or more machines.Pinba is n

  • Xcache 3.0.2

    XCache works by caching the compiled state of the most used PHP scripts into the server RAM.This reduces page compilation times and speeds up page delivery.It also reduces memory and CPU usage by only dealing with serving pre-compiled data instead of

  • Apache Celix 0.0.1

    Apache Celix provides the closest C API for the Java OSGi specification.Interoperability between the two languages is included. What's New in This Release: · Entered the Apache Incubator.

  • Apache Mesos 0.9.0

    Apache Mesos is for running applications on a dynamically shared pool of machines (cluster).Apache Memos can deploy to cluster environments applications and technlogies like Hadoop, Spark, MPI or Torque. Here are some key features of "Apache Mesos":&

  • Yassl Embedded Web Server 1.0

    Developed on top of CyaSSL, a C library for boosting and supporting SSL/TLS, the yaSSL Embedded Web Server is a top of the line, secure, portable HTTPS Web server.The server is actually written in ANSI C, but Python and C# bindings are also provided

  • Gearman 1.1.7

    Gearman was initially written in Perl and has been translated to C for more portability.It's a job server that allows computational tasks to run in parallel.Gearman also handles load balancing for those tasks, so computations won't crash the server o

  • Bridge Server 0.3.0

    The entire Bridge system is a conglomerate of server and client applications.This is the server package, that allows client libraries to connect and use to route messages to other clients or servers.Bridge can be installed on a developer's own server

  • Memcacheq 0.2.0

    Written in C, it delivers a dead-simple queue management utility that relies on the Memchace caching system for storing data temporarily while in the queue. Here are some key features of "MemcacheQ":· Extremely fast· Can manage multiple que

  • Blastbeat

    Written in C, it's focused on performance and next-generation web apps.BlastServer was specifically designed to sit between the user and an app, forwarding requests via the ZeroMQ protocol.Installation and usage instructions are provided with the pac

  • Uwsgi 1.9.10

    uWSGI is coded in C, with support for other languages as plugins.Other supported languages include: PHP, Lua, Python, Perl, Erlang, Ruby, JVM, CGI and mono.Modules for running uWSGI with other servers are available as well. This includes Apache 2, ng

  • Php Litespeed Sapi 6.1

    The LiteSpeed SAPI (server API) is a C library for building server applications with the best combination of performance, security and flexibility.LiteSpeed PHP can be started in suEXEC mode, it is a lot easier to secure the file system in a shared h

  • Silkjs

    Uses Google's V8 JavaScript engine to compile and run JS on the server-side. Comes with an example, a fully-working HTTP server. Here are some key features of "SilkJS":SilkJS APIs for:· Linux Processes· Linux Networking· Linux Filesyst

  • Speedbump (project Kimbula) v2

    Can also be used for any other servers (FTP, web, SMTP, etc.) not just proxies.The server comes in C++ and C versions.SpeedBump is extremely useful in high traffic situations, distributing bandwidth equally amongst users. Here are some key features o

  • Socket.io 1.0.0

    It is a server client, a basically simple HTTP Socket interface implementation.Socket.IO aims to make realtime apps possible in every browser and mobile device, blurring the differences between the different transport mechanisms.Packages for stand-al

  • Jaxer

    The download section contains the source code of the server, and additional containers.Jaxer is also bundled in Aptana Studio, starting with Studio version 1.1 Here are some key features of "Jaxer":· Use the APIs and already known standards·

  • Memcached 1.4.15 / 1.6.0_beta1

    Memcached is an in-memory key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data (strings, objects) from results of database calls, API calls, or page rendering.Generic in nature, Memcached is intended for speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviat

  • Whispercast 0.2.4

    Written in C++, it's a multimedia server that can be used in various forms and environments.It can be used to stream files, broadcast events, save media files, serve playlists, display information bubbles for videos or add overlays to them, build a n

  • Apache Traffic Server 3.2.4 / 3.3.2-dev

    Apache Traffic Server has been developed at Yahoo!. Here are some key features of "Apache Traffic Server":· Caching - Improve your response time, while reducing server load and bandwidth needs by caching and reusing frequently-requested web page

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