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  • Clay 0.1.2

    Generic Programming is not only recommended because it reduces the amount of code needed to perform something, but it also makes the entire development process more efficient as well.Clay uses LLVM to optimize generated code and produces very fast ru

  • Terra

    Terra was developed to work out of the box with Lua.Terra can be used as a stand-alone programming language, a scripting language (for Lua) or as a JIT compiler for building other programming languages. Here are some key features of "Terra":· St

  • Lava 0.9.3

    Lava follows the OOP paradigm, allowing developers to quickly build apps without rewriting pieces of code every time they need it again.The binaries offered for download provide a targeted structure editor for developing with Lava on specific operati

  • J 701_b

    J comes with support for handheld devices and all major operating systems.J provides a console and user interface to work with.A commercial license is also available when GPL is not applicable. Check its website for more commercial usage details.This

  • The Pawn Language 4.0.4733

    Pawn is an embedded scripting language with C-like syntax, for extending applications.The language is perfect for games, multimedia applications and embedded software. Here are some key features of "The Pawn Language":· Small footprint· Inh

  • Hybris v1.0b3

  • Fact 1.1.0 Beta

    The name is the abbreviation from "Functions Are Classes Too."A tutorial and various examples are included in the download package. Supports modules, functions, math functions, primitives, statements, comparisons, classes and many many more. Requirem

  • Sdo With Php 1.2.4

    Service Data Objects (SDOs) allow PHP to work with data from different sources (like a database query, an XML file, and a spreadsheet) using one interface.Each different kind of data source requires a Data Access Service (DAS) to provide access to th

  • Sca With Php 1.2.4

    SCA makes it possible for a PHP programmer to write reusable components, which can be called in a variety of ways, with an identical interface and with a minimum of fuss.At present components can call each other either locally or via Web services, bu

  • Go 1.0.3 / 1.1 RC 3

    Go is small, simple featured and easy to learn.Go compilers produce fast code fast. Typical builds take a fraction of a second yet the resulting programs run nearly as quickly as comparable C or C++ code.It promotes writing systems and servers as set

  • Pale 1.0-9

    PALE stands for Pointer Assertion Logic Engine.It allows programmers to specify pre- and post-conditions of procedures, loop invariants, and other assertions in Weak Monadic Second-order Logic of Graph Types  - a logic that allows many common da

  • Pl/r

    R is a software environment and programming language for statistical computing and graphics.

  • Jcc 2.15

    JCC also generates C++ wrappers that conform to Python's C type system making the instances of Java classes directly available to a Python interpreter. JCC generates CPython types that make these C++ classes accessible from a Python interpreter.JCC a

  • Lua 5.2.2

    Lua can also be used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language.It is currently the leading scripting language in game development. Here are some key features of "Lua":· Lua is a proven technology· Lua is robust· Lua is fast· Lua

  • Flusspferd 0.9

    Flusspferd also contains some JavaScript classes and modules: binary blobs, XML, SQLite 3, cURL and others.It supports Spidermonkey as its backend. What's New in This Release: · Alias 'fs-base' to 'filesystem-base' module.· '--interactive'

  • Gauche

    It will allow programmers and system administrators to write small to large scripts for their applications.Gauche is a script engine in the sense that it reads and evaluates the source code, but internally it compiles Scheme expressions into an inter

  • Bigloo 4.0a

    It makes Scheme practical by offering features usually presented by traditional programming languages but not offered by Scheme and functional programming.Bigloo compiles Scheme modules.It delivers small and fast stand alone binary executables.Bigloo

  • Newlisp 10.4.5 / 10.4.8-Devel

    It is very similar syntax to LISP, but with a lot more functions built in and a more easy and friendlier interface. Here are some key features of "newLISP":· A modern built-in API· Expandable API· Complete Documentation· Advanced

  • Infrastructure Setup

    To compile the code Visual Studio 2005 is needed, and was compiled using the default settings for the Visual C++ files.It is possible to pass customized parameters to each one of the installers. 

  • C++script 0.9.4

    This application adds an extra feature to C++ applications: dynamic types.This adds scripting functionality to standard C++ programs, such as safety, simplicity and garbage collection.The unique aspect of C++Script is that integration with C and C++

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