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  • Hqx 1.1

    hqx stands for "high quality magnification" and is an image filter written in C, mainly for working with pixel art graphics.The library currently boasts three filters.They are hq2x, hq3x and hq4x. As you might expect, they are for magnifying the artw

  • Cubicvr v0.1.0

    Use CubicVR to create 3D graphics, games, desktop apps, etc..A JavaScript version, via WebGL, is also available. Here are some key features of "CubicVR":· Shaders· Console· Camera control· Collision detection· Textures·

  • Bullet 2.81

    Bullet is perfect for 3D game development, but can also be used in other graphics-centered apps as well.Bullet is currently integrated with professional-grade software like Cinema4D, Maya and many more. Here are some key features of "Bullet":· R

  • Box2d v2.2.1

    Box2D is an open source C++ engine for simulating rigid bodies in 2D.It is actually written in portable C++.Box2D has also been ported to C#, Flash, Java, and Python. Here are some key features of "Box2D":Collision:· Continuous collision detecti

  • Fxlabel 1.4.2 / 1.5 Beta

    It's a subclass for the standard iOS UILabel class, adding new rendering features to label text. What's New in This Release: · Added innerShadowBlur property.· Added chracterSpacing property.

  • Opus 1.0.2

    It is a collaboration of developers from Skype, XIPH, Juniper, Octasic and GN. Opus incorporates technology from Skype's SILK codec and Xiph.Org's CELT codec. Here are some key features of "Opus":· Sampling rates from 8 to 48 kHz· Bit-rates

  • V8-gl

    V8-GL provides bindings for creating 2D-3D graphics.OpenGL bindings are also included in this library.Nevertheless, this project's main goal is to provide a more rich and easy-to-use toolkit for making 2D-3D graphics.The first release of this toolkit

  • Ccv

    Applications include image mapping, face detecting and more. Here are some key features of "ccv":· Better memory management· Cache everything· Fast· Distributed system, and modern compilers (LLVM & Clang)

  • Whisperlib 0.2.4

    Holds utilities for common tasks like file manipulation, logging, networking, an HTTP protocol implementation (server&client), and an RPC library.It was developed for whisperCast. Requirements:· whisperCast

  • Schroedinger 1.0.11

    Dirac was developed by BBC Research & Development as an open technology with open licensing.Schroedinger is only the C library used to perform video encoding and decoding.The Schroedinger library can be used for encoding and decoding Dirac streams. R

  • Xspf 1.2.0

    This library organizes playlists into simple XML files. Here are some key features of "XSPF":· It's a playlist format like M3U· It's a XML like RSS· MIME type application/xspf+xml· It is free and open.· It is portable.·

  • Celt 0.11.1

    CELT stands for "Constrained Energy Lapped Transform". It applies some of the CELP principles, but does everything in the frequency domain, which removes some of the limitations of CELP.CELT is suitable for both speech and music.Like MP3, Vorbis, and

  • Oggvorbis 1.3.3

    Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for mid to high quality (8kHz-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio and music at fixed and variable bitrates from 16 to 128 kbps/channel.This

  • Theora 1.1.1

    It can be used to distribute film and video online and on discs.Theora scales well from postage stamp size to HD resolution, and is considered particularly competitive at low bitrates.It is in the same class as MPEG-4/DiVX, and like the Vorbis audio

  • Cpptweener revision 6

    It's based on initial code from Jesus Gollonet and the Penners Easing Equations.

  • Artoolkit 2.72.1

    The download package contains the ARToolKit libraries, utilities and examples.ARToolKit is designed to build on Linux, Windows, Macintosh OS X, and SGI Irix platforms. The Augmented Reality Tool Kit (ARToolKit) captures images from video sources, opt

  • Irrlicht Engine 1.7.1

    It is completely cross-platform, using D3D, OpenGL and its own software renderers, working on all major operating systems. Here are some key features of "Irrlicht Engine":General Features:· High performance realtime 3D rendering using Direct3D a

  • Levolution

    This is am application written in C++ (native API / MFC) for the Win32 platform using DirectX for 3D view.lEvolution employs both pair-wise potentials and embedded atom method for finding equilibrium shape of the crystallite.Application allows user t

  • Din 1

    The sounds are inspired by the classical Indian instrument SarangiThe interface is constructed like a piano. It displays a keyboard that has a large number of thin, closely spaced keys.The 12 notes of the octave are among them and the range of the in

  • Xlider 1.1.3

    It is capable to embed graphics, and tex inlined input.A movie can be included as well, as a stream (not embedded).The slides' layout is controlled using an external theme file.The XML tag options may override the defined settings of the theme file.

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