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  • Order Form

    This program uses classes to represent an order form.If you are learnig about how to use classes then you should take a look at this program algorithm.

  • Window Coordinates

    Window Coordinates code creates a window (with the Win32 API) and displays the coordinates of the windows client area in pixels in the form of X-Axis, Y-Axis.The window can be moved, and the coordinates will be re-displayed with the new position.

  • Dos Menus

    DOS MENUS code allows you to create menus for DOS.

  • Make Window

    This program asks the user a few questions & writes a Window( using the win32 api). This code is plain C but the source code  should be compiled in a Win32 Application. The program allows you to make a window,menus,dialogs & controls.

  • Window Creation Class

    This is a class for creating Windows, Buttons, Edit boxes, and Multiline Edit boxes. 

  • Win32api Trackbar

    WIN32API Trackbar code creates a trackbar (common control) and use WM_HSCROLL to show its position in realtime.Unlike a listbox there is no SELCHANGE message but itt;Unlike _SCROLL to its parent.

  • Win32api Toolbar

    WIN32API Toolbar code is an example of how to use the WM_NOTIFY message to give tooltips when the mouse hovers over a button in a toolbar. (Also shows toolbar creation).

  • Win32api Mdi Shell With Functions

    WIN32API MDI Shell with functions code allows an easy start of a MDI application.Shows how to create and fill the client and mdi structures. It also contains functions to sort the mdi child windows. ains>

  • Win32 Window

    This sample code shows how to make a window using pure API.

  • Tab Navigation

    This code shows and explains how to make controls on a window using pure API, using CreateWindow and CreateWindowEx. This example shows how to make list boxes, edit controls, and buttons. Not only does it tell you how to make them but also how to use

  • Window Docking System

    This code consists of three files, two are a header file and source file for the window docking system and the third is a simple program that demonstrates the use of the window docking system.The window docking system allows any number of windows to

  • Hottrack Buttons

    HotTrack Buttons is a small reusable class to implement HotTrack bitmap buttons (flat buttons that change as the mouse moves over them).Also shows a very simple method for transparent bitmaps. (Win32 api code only).

  • Funny Shaped Window

    Funny Shaped Window shows how to use 'Regions' to create different shaped windows.

  • Creating And Manipulating Window Regions

    This code demonstrates the creation of complex regions and how to employ them to create 'windows with holes'.

  • Tree View

    Tree View code shows some of the features of a treeview  and how to implement them in your Win32 application.

  • Simple Winapi

    Simple WINAPI is a program that shows how to make windows, dialogs, buttons, open files, load and display BMP's, working with resources, and more. This is pure API, no MFC.

  • Put Your App In The System Tray

    This example shows how to put your apps icon in the system tray and have a menu attached to it.

  • Simple Menu Code

    This program has a simple menu. The "Help - About . . . " dialog is simulated using the cMsgBox class.It performs no other function. g the cMsgt;

  • Simple Text Window

    This program generates a text editing window. No text editing features are added, just the ones already built into the text edit control given in the Win32 API.It's a simple example of using a child window within a regular window. It performs no

  • Plain Window

    This program displays a plain, empty window. It can handle all the normal functions such as resizing, closing, moving, and others.Multiple instances of the same window class can be created, which is especially useful for child windows of a multiple d

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