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  • C Open Smpp Library 1.7.1 / beta 1.8.1

    It's main goal is to provide tools and methods for packaging and unpackaging PDU data structures.The focus is to generate a simple way to implement any proprietary protocol on TCP. Here are some key features of "C Open SMPP Library":· Buffer dum

  • Hypermail 2.2.0

    Hypermail is a program that takes a file of mail messages in UNIX mailbox format and generates a set of cross-referenced HTML documents. Each file that is created represents a separate message in the mail archive and contains links to other articles,

  • Null Webmail 0.9.2

    Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful webmail CGI written in C. Null Webmail is platform-independent and offers language support for English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Finnish, Galician, Italian, Netherland and Polish. Null Webmail is Free Sof

  • Sqwebmail 5.2.0

    SqWebMail is the webmail module that's bundled with the Courier mail server. SqWebMail can also be packaged separately, and used with any other mail server that uses maildirs. NOTE: SqWebMail DOES NOT support traditional Mailbox files, only Maildirs.

  • Ypops!

    YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. How do we do it you ask? Well, this application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at o­ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (brows

  • Email Factory For .net

    Email Factory for .NET includes easy to use components for the sending and retrieval of email. Included are components for SMTP, POP, IMAP and MIME protocols. Using Email Factory for .NET you can easily add email support to your .NET applications. Fe

  • Maildrop 2.0.4

    maildrop is the mail filter/mail delivery agent that's used by the Courier Mail Server. It is a replacement for your local mail delivery agent. maildrop reads a mail message from standard input, then delivers the message to your mailbox. maildrop kno

  • Checkaliases 2.3

    checkaliases reads a sendmail aliases file and reports problems in it, such as syntax errors, pipes to missing programs, local users who don't exist, include files that can't be read, files with wrong permissions, duplicate alias names, etc. Requirem

  • Ripmime 1.4

    ripMIME has been written as part of the (commercial) Xamime package.ripMIME has a single sole pupose, to extract the attached files out of a MIME package (as say produced by programs such as AMaViS, Inflex and Xamime). ripMIME deliberately has no oth

  • Mime-tool

    This is a mime encoding tool. The resulting program will compile on both the crippled C compilers bundled with some commercial *nix distributions, and on full ANSI/ISO C compilers like gcc.

  • Protector 1.00.11

    Protector is a free, open source (GPL), low maintenance e-mail virus blockade system, used mainly to protect MicroSoft windows e-mail client systems from attack, but useful for other client types as well. Protector lives on e-mail servers that handle

  • Mimetic 0.9.3

    mimetic is an Email library (MIME) written in C designed to be easy to use and integrate but yet fast and efficient. mimetic doesn't use exceptions but it heavily uses templates so a mostly standard compliant C compiler is required.Most classes funct

  • Libsmtp 0.8.5

    libsmtp enables developers to send mail directly via SMTP from a program. It is designed to be flexible, easy to use and have a small code size .libsmtp has been tested under Linux and NetBSD, but should compile on all recent Unixes and even Windows.

  • Vpopmail 5.4.17

    vpopmail provides you an easy way to manage virtual email domains and non /etc/passwd email accounts on your qmail or Postfix mail servers. Features: - Support for 1 to 23 million virtual email domains using a "grow as it goes" balenced directory tre

  • Vacation 3.3.0

    This script allows you to return a message to the sender of a mail message telling that you are currently not reading your mail.

  • Signature Script 0.14

    Ever wanted to have witty and pithy sigs attached to your e-mail and news postings, but got tired having the same old one attached every time? That's where signature comes in. signature is a free, open-source producer of dynamic signatures for liveni

  • Siggen

    Siggen is an email signature generator for encrypted ansi c and brainf*ck signatures. You could use it in combination with vi(m), emacs, mutt and pine.USAGE: siggen [SIGNATURE]    -c COMMENT   : type your comment without

  • Safecat 1.13

    safecat implements Dan Bernstein's maildir algorithm, copying standard input safely to a specified directory. With safecat, the user is offered two assurances. First, if safecat returns successfully, then all data is guaranteed to be saved in the des

  • Qpopper 4.0.8

    Qpopper is a POP3 server for UNIX operating system.Features: - Server mode can be set on a per-user basis, using group membership and/or user options file - Run-time options can be read from a file - Per-user run-time options file - Stand-alone daemo

  • Qmailadmin 0.40

    qmailAdmin is a free software package that provides a web interface for managing a qmail system with virtual domains. It provides admin for adding/deleting users, Aliases, Forwards, Mailing lists and Autoresponders. It features automatic Interna

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