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  • Husky Bbs 3.0

    A powerful and full-featured BBS server for chat and messaging (like ISCA BBS). It features a user-friendly interface and a set of simple administration tools and commands. The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.

  • Rbbs 1.0.18

    RBBS is a bulletin board system with Web interface. Users of RBBS can post new articles, and can attach responses to existing articles. As the principal purpose of RBBS is to be used as such communication system as BBS, it is useful for individu

  • Citadel 2.0

    Citadel is a complete and feature-rich open source groupware platform. Features: - Email, calendaring, address books, bulletin boards, instant messaging, and more ... all in one tightly integrated server package. Unlike other open source groupware sy

  • Bbs100 3.1

    bbs100 is a DOC style telnet BBS. Features: - over 1000 simultaneous users - automatic name extension (press Tab) - customizable login/logout notification messages - colorized messages - multiple recipients in messages and Mail> - chat rooms - person

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