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  • Vedis 1.2.6

    Vedis allows users to use a Redis data store system with their applications without having to use a remote connection to do so.Vedis allows developers to integrate it with their own application, working practically the same as Redis, but without the

  • Sophia 1.1 - rc1

    Sophia was written in plain C and it was created after studying already existing key-value databases.Sophia developers analyzed, learned and tried to avoid all the problems with existing technologies and have created a new way of querying for data in

  • Infinisql 0.1.2-alpha

    Classic relational databases have long been deemed unworthy of high-load, intense transaction processing data flows.Because of the extremely inefficient way MySQL, PostgreSQL or similar relational databases deal with growing traffic, NoSQL solutions

  • Rocksdb 2.8.fb

    Google's LevelDB database is a very simplistic key-value store database system built in C, widely used around the Web.RocksDB builds on that system, adding missing features to LevelDB, allowing it to run in cloud and multi-CPU environments.This allow

  • Hipc Sqlite 1.0.0

    HiPC SQLite is a simple database client for inserting data into SQLite databases at high speeds, with better results than SQLite's own native API.HiPC wasn't developed to be a fully database wrapper, being perfect just for one thing: inserting large

  • Unqlite 1.1.6

    UnQLite uses both document and key-value pair storage principles, mixing technologies usually found in MongoDB, Redis, LevelDB, Berkeley DB and CouchDB into one single data storage solution.Following NoSQL big-data tables principles established by co

  • Lib_mysqludf_ta 0.01

    The lib_mysqludf_ta MySQL UDF allows database administrators to run technical analysis operations right from the MySQL core.The extension includes functions for:- Simple Moving Average- Exponential Moving Average- Relative Strength Index- True Range-

  • Lib_mysqludf_stat 0.0.3

    The lib_mysqludf_stat MySQL UDF allows database administrators to run statistical analysis operations right from the MySQL core.Included functions provide support for calculating absolute frequencies, various point samples and much more.

  • Lib_mysqludf_sys 0.0.3

    lib_mysqludf_sys allows database administrators to send commands to the operation system the database runs on via SQL queries.Not all commands and possible interactions are covered by this UDF, only those that affect the MysQL server directly and pro

  • Lib_mysqludf_xql 1.0.0

    lib_mysqludf_xql (or lib_mysqludf_xml) interprets SQL queries and transforms the output directly to XML format.This is important because it allows developers to skip a development step and create XML documents directly from the MySQL database, instea

  • Lib_mysqludf_stem

    Stemming is an operation found in linguistics and word morphology for breaking down derived or inflected words to their base root. Example: running -> run.The lib_mysqludf_stem UDF allows MySQL to parse words and break them down to their stem.In

  • Lib_mysqludf_stomp

    STOMP is a raw text messaging protocol for streaming communications between servers and clients.The lib_mysqludf_stomp MySQL extension enables a MySQL database to send out STOMP messages.

  • Lib_mysqludf_log

    lib_mysqludf_log helps database administrators log MySQL activity to an external file.This helps the debugging process and reduces troubleshooting time by consulting the log file instead of wasting time replicating the error(s).

  • Lib_mysqludf_str 0.5

    By default, around 55 to 60 string functions are supported by default in MySQL.lib_mysqludf_str adds support for another 8, functions found in regularly used programming languages like Perl, PHP or Ruby, that developers might expect to find in MySQL

  • Lib_mysqludf_preg 1.1

    lib_mysqludf_preg provides a way for MySQL databases to access the PCRE (Perl compatible-regular-expressions) C library.PCRE is a complex C library implementing Perl 5's pattern and regular expression matching system.Knowing this, lib_mysqludf_preg b

  • Lib_mysqludf_udf 0.0.3

    Packed as an UDF itself, lib_mysqludf_udf allows database administrators to sniff out the internal structures passed to an UDF, for testing or debugging purposes.To be more precise, the library doesn't do more than just expose internals from the UDF

  • Lib_mysqludf_fproj4

    A Cartesian coordinate system is a coordinate system that specifies each point uniquely in a plane by a pair of numerical coordinates. It is a very used system and can be recognized by the famous X and Y axis coordinates system.lib_mysqludf_fPROJ4 ta

  • Lib_mysqludf_skeleton

    lib_mysqludf_skeleton does not do anything on its own.The project is merely a skeleton on which other MySQL UDFs can be built. A so called boilerplate, or starter kit.lib_mysqludf_skeleton provides all the basic files and frame on which can UDF's cod

  • Lib_mysqludf_json

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format.lib_mysqludf_json allows MySQL database administrators to export relational data to the universally used JSON format.This enables easier data transfers between a database and remot

  • Pgtap 0.93.0

    pgTap is written in PL/pgSQL and PL/SQL, following the xUnit philosophy, responsible for frameworks like NUnit, JUnit and more. The framework is basically a collection of various functions for gathering, analyzing and reporting on PostgreSQL-powered

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