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  • Fuzzyclock Rev50

    This code injects a DLL (FuzzyHook.dll) into the WndProc of TrayClockWClass to replace the standard numeric text with fuzzy text.The code also places a clock icon in the system tray.To exit the program, the user can right click on the system tray ico

  • Adjtimex 1.13

    Adjtimex helps you to adjusts the system clock. It allows you to manipulate the kernel time variables.

  • Almclk

    Almclk allows you to set an alarm at your terminal. It will send a message to your terminal when the alarm goes off, and it will pop up a window if possible. If you are not logged in at the time, an e-mail message will be sent to you. You can customi

  • Tbclock 1.10

    tbclock is al little application that displays a full screen binary clock in your terminal (using curses). It is quite simple and features modules like "guessbin" a little time guessing game and "chrono" an accurate timer with tenth of seconds.

  • Macslow's Cairo-clock

    This script is an analog clock displaying the system-time. It leverages the new visual features offered by Xorg 6.9/7.0 in combination with a compositing-manager (e.g. like xcompmgr), gtk 2.8.x, cairo 1.0.2 and librsvg 2.13.93 to produce a time-

  • Xdiary

    Xdiary displays a one-month or full-year calendar, in association with a two-pane daily diary. The first pane shows the current day's items, and the second pane shows the past and next items to come.The internal editor allows drag-n-drop, has a few e

  • Remind 3.0.24

    Remind is a sophisticated calendar and alarm program. It includes the following features: - A sophisticated scripting language and intelligent handling of exceptions and holidays. - Plain-text, PostScript and HTML output. - Timed reminders and pop-up

  • Pcal 4.10.0

    Pcal is a calendar generator programs which produce nice-looking PostScript output. Pcal is usually used to generate monthly-format (one month per page) calendars with optional embedded text and images to mark special events (e.g. holidays,

  • Hebcal 3.7

    The key routines are translations of Dershowitz & Reingold's lisp code in GNU-Emacs 18. Hebcal offers several convenience routines that make it a good fit for generating calendars for PDAs and personal calendars.

  • Gcal 3.01

    Gcal is a program for calculating and printing calendars. Gcal displays hybrid and proleptic Julian and Gregorian calendar sheets, respectively for one month, three months, or a whole year. It also displays eternal holiday lists for many countries ar

  • Celebrat

    Celebrat is a very easy-to-use, non-interactive, text-mode calendar application. It reads a data file in ASCII format, and prints on stdout a human-language summary of what events will take place up to ten days from now. It also includes a small daem

  • Calconsole 0.3

    Calconsole is a calendar and schedule in mode command line like a calendar with schedule. The events are save in the file type ics compatible with others calendars. Calconsole can show file ics the others calendars.

  • Day Finder

    This code presents you a program to find the day on a certain date entered by the user.

  • Time Conversions

    This program uses a looping structure to convert the input seconds into hours, minutes and remaining seconds.

  • Flexy Calendar

    Flexy calendar is a calendar that prints a number of days of a year that the user inserts. It also checks if the year is leap or not.

  • Demonisch International Clock

    Demonisch International clock  allows you to view the local time or the time in a different time zone using three different clock GUI's (Analogue, Digital and Binary). Also includes a stop watch mode. The clock will calculate what time zone you

  • Analog-clock Code

    Analog-Clock code allows you to simply display an Analog Clock.

  • Interactive System Timer

    Interactive system timer code allows you to display a digital clock that indicates your system time.

  • Calendar Code

    Calendar Code prints out the days of the month for a given year.

  • Timer Code

    Timer Code shows how to create and manage timers in your Win32 application.

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