• Generatesignaturefromldap 0.1.9

    Microsoft Outlook signature files are generally being generated based on templates that pull information out from Active Directory using the LDAP protocol.The goal is to have a small self-contained executable that is fast and as invisible as possible

  • Pam_usb 0.4.1

    pam_usb provides hardware authentication for Linux using ordinary USB Flash Drives. It works with any application supporting PAM, such as su, any login manager (GDM, KDM), etc. The pam_usb package contains: A PAM Module - Password-less authentication

  • Webauth 3.6.0

    WebAuth is an authentication system for web pages and web applications. The first time a user attempts to access a web page protected by WebAuth, they will be sent to a central login server (weblogin.stanford.edu at Stanford) and prompted to authenti

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