Bigsitemap v1.1.0

Even if it works with small to medium websites, the BigSitemap library is more useful when used for large websites, with 50 000 or more pages.
Where normal sitemap generation tools crash or block a CPU for minutes or hours, BigSitemap uses special procedures to avoid large resource consumption and still get the job done.
This is done by splitting the sitemap file into multiple parts and compressing it to reduce the file size.
Additionally, it supports incrementation sitemap updates and an automatically ping various search engines like Google, Yandex,, Yahoo or Bing.
The BigSitemap library can also be used with Ruby frameworks like Merb and Ruby on Rails.
What's New in This Release:
· Yandex is now also pinged when the sitemap is updated.
· Deprecated methods from v1.0.0 are now removed.

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