This robust, feature packed calendar will help everyone on the team track, maintain, and communicate important dates and times.

With public and private calendar entries, recurring entries, attachments, and user-based permissions, bf.calendars clears your schedule for efficient collaboration.

- Intuitive, context sensitive calendar interface.
- Day, week, and month calendar views.
- Day view broken down to morning, workday, evening, and all day.
- Multiple calendar views incorporating day, week, and month views.
- Advanced, indexed, full-text search
- Variable length key encryption algorithm
- Download to Outlook® or Netscape calendar.
- Inform/Invite others via HTML email where recipient can accept or decline entry directly from the email.
- Tentative/Pending entries.
- Quickview of another user's schedule/calendar in their user profile, including current availability.
- Seamless integration with bf.collaboration (your page, groupspaces, user profile).
- Recurring calendar events.
- Attach documents to calendar entries.
- Calendar permissions (administer, read, read-write, personal, public) granted per authenticated user.
- Schedule tasks and events lasting more than one day.
- Personal, and group associated calendars (Group associated calendars with bf.collaboration only)
- Embed links and other HTML in calendar entries.
- Works with SQL Server, MS Access, or any other ODBC data source.
- Print calendar views.
- Overlapping entries.
- Complete JScript/ASP code included
· Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS).
· It is recommended that the server be at least 600MHz, have at least 128MB of RAM, and have a recent version of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).
· bf.calendars uses only minimal disk space (less than 5MB), but will grow as calendars and calendar entries are added

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