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  • Multi Connection Winsock Server 1.1

    It was built using VB 5.0, with detailed and commented code.The user can change the server port, number of maximum connections and much more.If the maximum number of clients are reached the server admin and new clients are informed about. What's New

  • Dss Server Control 1.1

    The developer can specify two main properties, which are automatically forwarded to the controls at run-time when the server is started.For more details about configuration, there is a great documented readme file inside the archive. What's New in Th

  • Virtual Server Backup

    Virtual Server Backup is a script for automatic backup of Guests running under Microsoft Virtual Server. The script aims to keep downtime on a system/Guest to an absolute minimum, using the fastest possibly way to take backup. The script is very easy

  • Cinaproxy Server 0.7

    CinaProxy Server is a win32 proxy server programmed in  visual basic.It provides the following features: WinSock-Pool, SOCKS4/5, SMTPRelay, Gateways, DialUp-Manager, HTTP(S)-Proxy, WEB-Server(PHP,XML,Dir), Remote, Shutdown, Port-Mappin

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