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  • A-popupblocker

    It will work along with the local browser to protect users from pesky spam.

  • 1 Minute Web Browser

    It lays the basic fundamentals for building a functional web browser.

  • Add Notepad To Internet Explorer Context Menu 1.0.0

    This script demonstrates how to add the "Launch Notepad" menu to the Internet Explorer context menu.In short, you can add/launch any program and/or commands, or enhance Internet Explorer features.  Requirements:· IE 4.0 or later.

  • Add Any Program To The Internet Explorer Toolbar 1.0

     This script demonstrates how to add a shortcut or an application's icon (e.g. your program) to the Internet Explorer toolbar.  Requirements:· IE 6/7.

  • Nbit Easy Ftp

    nBit Easy FTP is an ActiveX FTP DLL for software developers. Manage remote files from your applications with ease. Integrates easily into any development environment that supports ActiveX DLLs. Upload files, Download files, delete files , create and

  • Dotnetmap

    This is an application written in VB.Net which crawls defined web sites and automatically creates a site map in a standard format which can then be used to inform search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) of new and changed pages on your web site. Th

  • Csxpostupload

    This ActiveX / OCX control allows the end user to list the contents of a folder and upload all the files to a remote server as an HTTP post. It can also be hidden and used to upload files specified programmatically.Features: - Enable your users to ea

  • Csxmultiupload

    This ActiveX control allows the end user to select and upload files to a remote server as an HTTP post. It uses a standard file open dialogue box with multiple selections allowed. Features: - Enable your users to easily select multiple files for uplo

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