Basic/vb→Forms And Controls

  • Alert Message Creator

    The program will create and manage all the properties of the alert box.

  • Custom Directoryctrl

    It will list a combination of 3 list boxes that show [drive]:[path][file].An event is raised when a user selects a file, and when the directory/drive is changed.

  • Form Xp

    These GUIs can be used under other operating systems.

  • Scrollinglabel

    The developer can add this script to his VB form, add text, set scrolling options and enjoy the result.He can also customise the background color, border style, font face, foreground colors and scrolling intervals.

  • A Drive-dir-file-viewer

    Text and image files can be previewed inside the viewer.A progress bar loading tool is provided when a large file is being viewed.

  • Absolute Color Picker Activex Control

    Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that includes two dialogs: color (MFC CColorDialog like) and gradient filling dialogs. It provides facilities to select from different color models like RGB(Red/Green/Blue), HSB (Hue/Satur

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