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  • Basic Api For Geoip Country 1.0

    The VB.NET API only works with GeoLite Country and/or GeoIP Country databases.To call the GeoIP City or GeoLite City database from VB.NET, use the MS COM API.

  • Xact 2.0-4

    This allows advanced XML transformations during runtime for Java programs. Here are some key features of "Xact":· XML templates as immutable values.· Optional type annotations using XML Schema declarations (based on the dk.brics.schematools

  • Qibla Direction Calculator Visual Basic Module

    It also pre-calculates and later uses the Great Circle Distance and Great Circle Direction.

  • Prayer Times Calculator Visual Basic Dll Library

    It can be used as an organizer so a person won't miss his prayer times.

  • Html View Source From Winsock

    The user enters an HTTP address and the program will automatically retrieve (if a network connection is detected) the HTML source code of that address. Requirements:· Internet connection

  • Web Editor 1.0 Beta

    It can only handle HTML, XML, ASP and CSS code.There is a button for previewing the written code inside a web browser.

  • Vb Recentfiles Editor 2.2

    This utility allows you to remove unwanted items or sort them in the recently used projects list in Visual Basic 5.0 and above. Requirements:· Visual Basic 5.0 and above.

  • Cdnotification Activex Control 1.1

    It can communicate with your application letting it know if the cd got changed. 

  • Progressbar Activex/.net Control 1.2

    The percent completed is printed in the middle of the bar and it changes color as the status bar passes over it.

  • Color Combobox Activex Control 1.05

    Features - Displays built-in default or user-definable color list - Several predefined styles - Optional edit button for custom colors - Support for automatically changing color entry - Built-in ChooseColor dialog access - Find a color or a string wi

  • Font List & Combo Activex Control 1.0

    Features - both ListBox and ComboBox control in one ActiveX control. - automatic enumeration of all available fonts on your system, either the screen or the printer - previewing each font name with its own font characteristics - built-in recently use

  • Checklistbox Activex Control 2.6

    In this control, each item's font, color, enabled and checked state can be individually modified. The control also supports 3D look, picture items and custom check mark. 

  • Html Viewer Activex Control 1.4

    This is a HTML viewer activeX control for Content Management System developers. Pefect for the developer who wants to display media rich content in HTML format in their applications. Supports HTML input as a string or URL. Cascading style sheets

  • Smartcover 1.0.3

    This is a pretty simple application that allows you to print your cd-covers in the right size to use them with your cds. Nothing more and nothing less. The application is written in Visual-Basic so you'll probably have to download a Visual-Basic Runt

  • Affinity Editor 2.1b

    Affinity is a simple development environment for web formats such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and XML. It features a preview in which you can view the rendering of your current project. Support for a default template (loaded upon opening the application) has

  • Source Code Organizer

    This application is a manager of a source code snippets database  for software developers, web developers and web master. The users will appreciate the fact that they have full control over the source code.

  • Rmaxicodex Activex

    RMaxiCodeX is an ActiveX control developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and will allow you to create 2 dimensional Maxicode barcodes for your windows applications. Maxicode is a two-dimensional (2D) and fixed-size matrix symbology which is made up of offse

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