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  • Exportsql 2.2

    ExportSQL takes the content of a Jet (Access) database and dumps it into classic SQL format.The outputted script can them be imported in some SQL-powered databases as a series of SQL commands.The same functionality can be found in the MySQL Migration

  • Backup Sql Database Using Sqldmo

    With just some clicks, the user can backup a desired database.A progress bar shows the backup operation progress.Procedures allow handling all SQL operations, start/stop the SQL server, query the SQL server status, scan the network for servers, find

  • Xmltosql

    It can be used in search purposes, news management, and much more where XML records are involved.

  • Myuseradmin

    MyUserAdmin is a user-managing tool for the MySQL database server. It provides a GUI to let you easily add or remove accounts from your mysql database and set or edit privileges (global privileges). On startup MyUserAdmin displays an almost empty scr

  • Php Class Generator 1.0.1

    The PHP Class Generator is a small windows desktop application that allows a PHP programmer to generate Entity classes from a MySQL database table. For instance, if the user has a table in his or her MySQL database called customers. With this app, th

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