Banner Rotator Js

This banner rotator scripts is very versatile when it comes to positioning, multiplicity, setting speeds and size.

You can display any number of banner ads and they can be made to any size and any format GIF, JPG, PNG ... The javascript banner rotators also accept any affiliate program URL's and Images. All banner ad rotators are browser compatible, they work on all IE 4 to 7 browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.
The first banner rotator works with all current day browsers. The banner rotator with fadein technology is also browser compatable, with one restriction, only all Internet Explorer browsers (IE 4 to 7, sbcYahoo & NetZero) will view the fadin effects, all other browsers will see only the plain rotated images. But for most general websites the viewers will be more then 80% IE.
Here is a list of 17 filter: transitions that can be used by rotators to enhance the effects you desire:
- Barn
- Blinds
- CheckerBoard
- Fade
- GradientWipe
- Inset
- Iris
- Pixelate
- RadialWipe
- RandomBars
- RandomDissolve
- Slide
- Spiral
- Stretch
- Strips
- Wheel
- Zigzag

You get all three banner rotators, the all browser Banner Rotator, FadeIn Banner Rotator and a Random Banner Generator. They all work with frames and single page docs. You can also accomodate multiple banners per page without difficulty.
You only need a basic understanding of HTML to place code on your webpages. You do not need knowledge of Javascript to input the banner rotators, you just have to follow the input instructions.
• Easy Image Input
• Can Change Speed
• Change Filters
• Step by Step Instruction
• Single Line Placement
• Easy Copy & Paste Code
• Accepts Affiliation Programs Images

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