Aspreferral v5.3

ASPReferral is a Referral/Affiliate Management Software. Creating a Referral or Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your web site and generate new sales . An Affiliate program rewards the Webmaster who sends a vistor to your website. The reward or commission can be on a per click, per Sale basis or both. ASPReferral keeps track of the commissions due to each Webmaster. The source code with Access database is available.
- Allow Mechants to link their Paypal Accounts with the ASPReferral System
- Text Delimited Affiliate Payment Report.
- Administrator approval required before an Affiliate can join the program
- Allows up to 10 Multi-Level commission sharing per Sale
- Add unlimited number of Products
- Commissions per Product can be defined as per click (One click per visitor), per sale or both
- Create multiple text and banner links per Product
- Easily integrate to your existing shopping cart
- Allow manual entry of sales
- Administration Reports
- Monthly Sales Per Affiliate
- Monthly Sales Per Product
- Monthly Sales Transaction
- Generate Affiliate Payment Due
- Post Affiliate Payment

- Affiliates Reports
- Monthly Sales Report per Product
- Daily Sales Transaction Report
- Month Payments Ledger

- Uses Style Sheets for easier customization
How Does it Work? - A Webmaster joins your referral/affiliate program by filling out an online form.
- He is provided a text or banner link to your web site. This link includes his unique Referral ID.
- The Webmaster inserts the link in their web page.
- A Visitor clicks the link from your Affiliate's web site and goes to your website. A cookie is placed on the Visitor's browser to identify he was referred by the Affiliate.
- The Visitor buys the product and is directed back to ASPReferral.  ASPReferral recognizes the Referral ID (cookie) and credits the Affilliate's account with the sale.
- An e-mail is sent to the Administrator and Affiliate confirming the sales.

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