Update and maintain articles and news items on your web site with this full-featured and extremely flexible News System.

Includes three levels of administrator access (Publisher, Editor and Reporter) and optional Visitor News Submission.

- Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
- There are no limits to the number of administrators.
- Central management password required to gain access.
- Create an unlimited number of news categories.
- Web Browser design and setup feature to match the "Look and Feel" of your Web Site.
- Save time and work by easily updating your website.
- FTP no longer required to manage your site news.
- No more managing multiple html files.
- Add, modify, delete news items.
- Articles can be setup in advance and won't display until the "Article Effective Date" is reached.
- You can use HTML is news articles.
Use AspNews to
- Post company press releases. List items by category if you wish.
- List the latest site revisions and additions.
- "What's New" feature to your web site.
- Post Newsletters - Add them month to month and let new visitors read past newsletters.

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