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  • Banhammer v1.0

    It helps site owners protect their blog from bad behaving users and spam bots. Here are some key features of "Banhammer":· Supports wildcard bans· Works with either Access DB or SQL Server· Allows permanent or temporary bans· Auto

  • Asp Random Password Generator 1.1

    It can generate fixed length or random length passwords.

  • Asp Password Protection

    It can simply be included into other projects for a secure authentication system.

  • Securerequest

    SecureRequest works by replacing the original built-in request object and filters the data that the server receives. Features:Easy to use With the "SecureRequest Configurator" anyone can install and configure SecureRequest. A couple of clicks is enou

  • Aspmusicsearch

    This script uses the Microsoft Indexing Service object for all queries. The index service will pull MP3 tag data out of the files if they are named properly. If no tag exists the script degrades nicely. Searches are fast and you can customize your in

  • Bitblocker Ip Ban 1.6

    It will protect sensitive pages against unwanted access. Here are some key features of "BitBlocker IP Ban":· Supports wildcard bans· Displays attempted login counts from banned IP's· Individual URL redirect per banned IP (eg. porn, FBI

  • Cjwsoft Captcha System

    A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used to determine whether a user is human. Because a computer program is unable to solve the CAPTCHA, any user entering a correct solution is presumed to be human. That being said, how many times have yo

  • Website-watcher

    WebSite-Watcher allows you to monitor websites for updates and changes. Don't waste your time to check pages manually in your browser when WebSite-Watcher can do this time-consuming job for you. Features: - Monitor web pages - Monitor web pages with

  • Visitor Ip Blocker

    Visitor IP Blocker allows you to restrict users access to certain ASP pages. By filtering the IP address of the users you will be in total control over your ASP website. The code must be included in the top of every ASP webpage you want to prote

  • Dyncrypto

    DynCrypto is a software library used to easily add Cryptographic features in VBScript applications (ASP, Visual Basic, Windows Scripting Host, Internet Explorer VBScript...). Symmetric and Asymmetric Key encryption functions are implemented with two

  • Dynamic Authentication Filter 4.0

    DAF is a complete package to handle Web user authentication on an NT/IIS server, it include: - an ISAPI filter (DAF) which handles authentication for all HTTP requests received by IIS. - an ASP application (Web User Manager) to manage users in any DA

  • Activex Usermanager

    ActiveX UserManager provides easy to use classes to create, delete and manage local and remote user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT (2000/XP) environment. Simple work with user accounts and groups from VBA, VBS/JS, ASP and T-S

  • Simple Password Protection Asp

    Simple Password Protection script allows you to password protect your ASP pages.If you just need to password protect a single page or a series of pages and you don't need multiple users this simple code can be pasted at the top of the page or pages.

  • I-secure 3.0

    i-Secure is a complete password protection program designed to secure any ASP page within your Internet or Intranet web site. Simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your pages and you are good-to-go! Utilize the unique online management conso

  • Aspmembereeez Lite

    AspMemberEeez Lite is a membership system that allows you create a Members Only area in your Website for non-paid memberships.AspMemberEeeZ Lite runs on your Windows NT/2K/2003 Server and uses Active Server Pages with a MS Access database. Simpl

  • Aspmembereeezpro 2.01.1

    By pasting a simple "Include File" in each ASP page in your "Member" directory, you can require registration before permitting access to that area. In operation, visitors must complete the registration form prior to being allowed access into the prot

  • Aspid

    AspID application allows you to restrict users access to certain web pages.AspID runs On your Windows NT/2K/2003 Server and uses Active Server Pages with a MS Access 2000 database. Simply upload AspID, make a couple configuration settings, paste an i

  • Aspsecured

    ASPSecured is a great security management application that you can use to develop secure asp pages and protect parts of your applications. You can password protect pages to groups and just associate users to the groups. User accounts can be set to au

  • Videoquota

    VideoQuota for WMS9 provides user authentication for IIS and Windows Media Services Videos or Streams independent of NT Accounts. Features: - Protect Videos or Live Streams. - Validate against internal database, text file or external ODBC datasources

  • Authentix100

    AuthentiX100 is the essential tool for website access management. It provides 100% cookie-free "Basic Authentication" website protection that keeps your NT Users Names and Passwords private.Flicks Software's AuthentiX100 allows up to 100 users a

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