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  • Aspgooglesearch

    This script uses the google API via XML and XLS transformations as google intended. The xsl is used to render the returned results in a way that fits a given site. In order to use this script, you have to register a api key with google

  • Falcon's Smart Search Engine

    Falcon's Smart Search Engine is a search engine on your site that is going to give your customers the ability to navigate through your site, locating to do with a specific keyword or item number fast and easily. Many visitors are usually interested i

  • Asp Search Engine

    The search engine application implements page search functionality on a site. Each page is indexed on a database, where the search is performed. Sites are usually organized in sectors (as an example, this site has 6 sectors) with several pages each.

  • Index Server Companion 3.4

    The Index Server Companion is a web crawlASP searcy that extends the functionality of Microsoft's Index Server so that it is able to index and search content from remote websites hosted on any web server (including Unix/Linux/Apache) and also from OD

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