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  • Asp+xml Online Survey

    Users are asked a question, they can answer it or skip to the next one.The results are displayed as a chart after each answer.Questions can be added through the polls.xml file.

  • Smart Multi Poll 1.0

    Smart Multi Poll allows you to get simple and fast feedback (like popular likes or dislikes) from your visitors by displaying more than one poll, in fact unlimited number of polls, on your website. This product is recommended for portal/vortal, educa

  • Ratemypicture

    RateMyPicture is a free content management software designed to allow your web site to be able to post pictures and have people rate them. Features: - ASP based - Easy to Use and Setup - Unlimited Number of Pictures can be Displayed - GPL Licens

  • Easyreview 1.0

    Whether you are a web designer, web master or an affiliate marketer you need fresh content. Fresh content is the most important aspect to a new website, especially if you want to skyrocket your page rank in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. O

  • Quickpoll 2.1

    Integrate polls easily into your web site with QuickPoll, a versatile and affordable web-based poll application. A password-protected administration area allows you to manage and maintain multiple polls, view the results and configure its settings (e

  • Asp Ajax Star Rating

    ASP Ajax Star Rating is a simple ASP rating system. You can easily customize it to fit into your site design. It is compatible with all web browsers. Requirements:· Windows 2000/XP/2003

  • Movie Reviews Asp 1.0

    Movie Reviews script allows you to implement a movie reviews system on your website. Although it looks kind of plain, this movie guide comes packed with features.Features: - Keyword search - Search by Actor, Rating, or Category, from the movie d

  • Asp Survey System

    ASP Survey System allows you to add professional surveys to your website in just minutes. Using ASP Survey System,you can create surveys using only your web browser. Best of all, ASP Survey System offers you a complete set of features.Basic Survey Ad

  • Simple Site Rating System

    This is a simple application to give users the opportunity to rate your site and displays results in the form of bar charts (no graphics included). The source code contains a flexible configurable database. The application's database is made up of fo

  • Ajpoll 1.0

    AJPoll is a database driven ASP poll script. Features: - All action is done in a popup window, so there are no annoying page refreshes. - The results page can be resorted with a simple click. - Uses CSS Styles for ease of customization. - This script

  • Photograph Competition Software 1.1.0

    The script is easy to setup and run.It enables the voting on picture thumbnails (with optional links to the full sized image), and the displaying of results ranked by total score. This software is ideal for amateur photography clubs looking for a sim

  • Smart Poll 1.0

    The Smart Poll web product is a super-fast, small-sized Flash Poll, created integrating Active Server Pages (ASP) and Flash, with 3D Bar Graph and Pie Chart Statistics to make your web site interactive and sticky. MS SQL Server and MS Access versions

  • Smart Survey 1.0

    Smart Survey is a highly sophisticated Flash & ASP survey tool.The key to stay ahead for any business is to get valuable customer feedback to help provide enhanced customer service. Not many online surveys look interesting or easy enough for your cus

  • Dmxready Polling Booth Manager 1.2

    DMXReady Polling Booth Manager is a quick and fun way to make a website more interactive: Change your poll daily, weekly, monthly -- whenever you like! Find out what people think of you and your services, or post it just for fun Old polls and their r

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