• Absolute Project Manager 1.1

    The tool keeps track of the time spent on each task and also its progress.It is a tiny introduction to configuration management, and includes examples on code encapsulization, DHTML, ADO connections, the IE DOM, transactions, and more.It is compatibl

  • Absolute Timetracker

    Owners can create projects, add an amount of work to be done, add tasks, add sub-tasks, log messages, attach files to a certain job, etc.

  • Jopt.asp

    It can solve any problem classified as a TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem) and VRPTW (Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows).The ASP functionality can be completely accessed via standard SOAP interfaces and fits seamlessly into modern service orie

  • Bf.documents

    bf.documents is a fully featured, web-based document management software facilitates the storage, retrieval, and the collaborative creation of documents. Group development of research papers, legal documents, policies and procedu

  • Ezcourses

    ezCourses allows your organization to manage courses and monitor students and registration. Students register and keep track of their schedule and development profile. ezCourses is an ASP web application with an MS-Access database backbone, built on

  • Eprojects

    eProjects is an Active Server Pages (ASP) project management system that web-enables all projects and tasks for businesses, automating many manual processes and promoting efficient sharing of knowledge.This application will save time; cut cost; and c

  • Timesheet 3.5

    Timesheet is an ASP (Active Server Pages) application for running an web-based timesheet on your Internet/Intranet web site. It incorporates a databased timesheet system, front end pages for time tracking and project managing, back end pages for

  • Schedule Task In Asp

    This useful re-usable function enables you to effectively schedule a task in an ASP application. The scheduled task is in the form of any ASP function. The scheduled function actually runs the first time after the specified time period that a visitor

  • Calendar / Agenda

    Calendar / Agenda is a shared calendar application with multiple views, meeting management and file attachments.Features: - Calendar view with bold marking of dates with events ("Outlook Like"); - Support for international date formats (Date Format a

  • Reservation 4.1

    It can be implemented for events management, car rentals, hotel rooms, class rooms, tennis courts and more.It permits the user to administrate bookings via mobile by means of SMS (short test messages).All program rights can be defined per program fun

  • Dmxready Portfolio Manager 1.1

    DMXReady Portfolio Manager is a fast and easy way to organize and display an online portfolio: Add, Edit, Delete portfolio items quickly and easily Automatically updates and displays your portfolio on your website Add images, short description, speci

  • Dmxready Member Directory Manager 1.2

    DMXReady Member Directory Manager keeps contact information for all website members on one easy-to-access web page: Keep a full member directory neatly displayed on the Contact Us page or anywhere on your website All members have full contact informa

  • Dmxready Event Listing Manager 1.1

    DMXReady Event Listing Manager allows the user to manage and display event information on your own website: List all relevant details including date, time, location, price Add extra details including special information about the event Allow visitors

  • Dmxready Contact Us Manager 1.2

    DMXReady Contact Us Manager allows you to manage and display contact information on your own website for every staff member: Add all contact information including name, address, phone number, e-mail Allow all staff members to enter their own contact

  • Dmxready Account List Manager 1.2

    Centralize Important Contact Information OnlineDMXReady Account List Manager allows the user to keep client and supplier information on his website for easy access, no matter where they are located. Content Management Made Easy with DMXReady Applicat

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