• Active Server Pages Guest Book V2.0

    The guestbook comes with an admin area where multiple administration tasks can be performed.Photos and smilies can be added through the comments field.Using the CDOSYS technique, admins can send emails to their users.Text can also be styled to look b

  • A Simple Guestbook Using Asp

    The guestbook comes with an admin area where entries can be deleted.

  • Aspguestbook Script 1.01b

    This ASP Guestbook offers some simple features such as moderation of post, you are able to approve the posts that go on your site. Also the guestbook has a protected admin area where you are able to control the content and change your password.

  • Guest Book Script

    Guest Book Script is a free ready to use Guest Book ASP script. It uses MS Access with ability to be upgraded into SQL.

  • Ajguest 1.1

    AJGuest is an easily customizable guestbook. Features: - Limit Results Per Page - Simple Admin Login - Mask IP until you are logged in as Admin - Multiple Admin Capabilities - Compatibilty with AJLogin This script uses SQL to avoid many issues with A

  • Emefa Guestbook 3.0

    It features a CAPTCHA implementation for spam protection. Here are some key features of "Emefa Guestbook":· Admin users can be added· Multiple delete of records· Admin users can change their password· All guestbook entries are aut

  • Exjune Nice & Neat Asp Guestbook 2.0

    Guestbooks have become an easy target for hoodlums to deface web sites. exJune's v2 guestbook is 100% hack proof with a Bayesian style filter control for blocking these attemps. This guestbook allows you to set how hard your filter works. To prevent

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