Asp→Form Processors

  • Asp Email Sender

    Sending e-mail from a web page can be useful for a number of reasons. It does not reveal your email address for one, plus it means you can get the information that you want from users and all of this without the end user having to use an e-mail clien

  • Url Mailer

    This script lets visitors to your site send a page (actually a link to a page) to their friends. The script is smart enough to know the URL of the page you link to it from (by checking the referer), so you should just be able to link to the script fr

  • Form Validation Script

    The code snippet uses client-side scripts to prompt users about any problems they may have encountered when trying to submit a form. This code behaves much like the form validation objects in .NET, so if you are using .NET you do not need to download

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