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  • Webexplorer Lite 2.13

    WebExplorer Lite is an open source code, fast and robust web-based file manager written in ASP with an user-friendly web interface. It allows you to manage your remote files as easily as you do locally. It is an useful tool for Web Developers and Web

  • Fixit Dms

    Fixit DMS is a powerful, but simple to use document and file management system. Features:- Easy to install - Comes with Access database and MySQL and SQL Server setup scripts - 100% VBScript/ASP - Unlimited folders and files - Version control - Lock

  • Acuity File Manager

    Acuity File Manager is a simple but highly effective ASP based file management system. Acuity File Manager can easily be incorporated into any ASP application - especially content management solutions - to provide a file or document management interf

  • Webx Asp File Management Appplication

    The Webx ASP File Management Application is a web-based file management system for sharing files with user permissions. It features easy user interface and online administration which will allow you to manage users. It can be used as a remote file st

  • Webx - File Manager System

    The Webx is a web-based file management application that implements a virtual file system for maintaining security over files. Features: - Password protected security system. - Detailed listing of files and folders with "Name", "Size", "Type", "Last

  • Asp Zip Component

    ASP Zip Component is an ActiveX component offering high performance WinZip®, PKZIP®, and UNIX gzip compatible compression and decompression functionality. With its rich feature set this component is ideal for ASP applications or any othe

  • Webfileexplorer 4

    WebFileExplorer is a web based file management system with user permissions and quota limits, it has an easy user interface and online administration which will allow you to manage users/permissions without the need of server configuration knowledge.

  • Stonebroom.remotezip

    Stonebroom.RemoteZip is a complete ZIP File manager application that runs on your Web server rather than on your networked client machines. This means that compression and extraction of files is done on the server, rather than wasting bandwidth by se

  • I-man 3.0

    i-Man integrates the power of a PC Management Console with the interactive flexibility of the Internet. This 100% ASP driven component allows you the convenience of remote file and folder management from any web browser, anywhere, any time. Features:

  • Ajdld 2.2

    AJDld is the a very simple Download Manager. - Dynamically Generated Sortable Download Page  - Limit Number of Downloads Displayed per Page - Web Based Admin (to Add/Edit/Remove Downloads) - View Download History By Date (User's IP is Store

  • Autoupgrade 1.0

    AutoUpgrade is an ASP script that you can implement in your existing ASP environment. The script detects if there is a new program version on any internet server. If yes, the web site user is prompted whether he likes to receive the new program versi

  • Dmxready Secure Document Library 1.2

    Whit this tool, the admin can: Control who has access to the downloadable files or folder Allow all file types including PDF, Word, MPEG, Zip, MP3 and more Built-in secured download page – no scripting required Upload and link files through Adm

  • Dmxready Document Library Manager 1.2

    DMXReady Document Library Manager allows you to store and manage whole libraries of files quickly and easily: Useful for several applications including newspaper article archiving, knowledge-based websites, online lesson plans, and any other type of

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