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  • Mailbee Webmail Wap 1.0

    WebMail WAP is a free set of ASP scripts and WML code which organize email WAP-interface for mobile phones and other devices which support WML. WebMail WAP is powered by MailBee Objects. It allows users to receive, view, and send e-mails with POP3 an

  • Asp Mail Component

    ASP Mail Component is an ActiveX component designed to allow e-mail sending from Active Server Pages (ASP). With this component installed you can send simple text E-mail message as well as HTML e-mail with attachments and multiple recipients. Ot

  • Jmailbox 0.9b1

    JMailbox is a complete webmail system written in 100% ASP using the JMail API. No other components or DLLs are required other than JMail which can be downloaded from the Dimac website. JMailbox is not a replacement for your usual email client at home

  • Emails System Package 2.1

    Contact us Manager or Emails System Package is to help visitors of your site to contact you through a form on your site. You can enter the Admin Area to check your inbox (incoming messages). You can reply incoming messages immediately through yo

  • Mail A Link

    Enabling people to mail the link of the current page is an incredibly useful feature to incorporate into your site.People can easily share items viewed with others and mail items without the need for an internet capable email account and bring users

  • Tell A Friend Asp Script

    This is a 'tell a friend' or 'send this page' or 'email this page' script written in ASP. You can use it for mailing or give your site's visitors an option to invite their friends and relatives to your site. A must have online promotion, tr

  • Iaf Email Export

    Email Account configuration exporter is an ActiveX/COM library, which let's you work with Outlook and Outlook Express email account configuration in VB script/JScript and other programming languages (t-SQL, C , VBA, php, c#, Delphi...). You can creat

  • Aspecard

    AspEcard Is a dynamic electronic postcard system that will create interest and drive traffic to your Website.You create your own categories and images. Your site visitors will love sending the electronic postcards to their friends and associates and

  • Mailyoulike 2006 3.6

    Mailyoulike is a powerful web based email application that allows you to offer personal email accounts to your site visitors like [email protected] v3.NET is coded in ASP.NET and supports MS SQL and MS Access databases. Features: -

  • Mailbee Message Queue 1.4

    MailBee Message Queue is a queue-based email-sending system which operates as a Windows NT service intercepting "send e-mail" requests from MailBee.SMTP objects and then sends email in a background. This allows MailBee.SMTP object to operate very qui

  • Self Submitting Contact Us Form

    This is a one page self submitting form that you can edit to look however you want. This has some very slick built in server side form validation. This script sends the email using CDOSYS using your existing POP3 email account and email server.

  • X-send

    Send e-mail fast and efficently with X-Send. X-Send uses CDOSYS, which works with Windows Servers Software 2000 and up. X-Send supports the sending of Plain text and HTML e-mails, it also has built in support for SMTP server authentication and easy c

  • Aspwebmail 4.0

    ASPWebMail is a complete web based mail solution, written in ASP and with a licensed ActiveX mail control included. It mimics the mail functionality of the familiar Outlook interface on the web. It allows you to check, save, reply and send email from

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