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  • Mobileesp - Classic Asp October 5, 2011

    This ASP version of MobileESP was ported from the original PHP version. It keeps as much of the original code intact, and can even be used with VBScript projects.The original MobileESP project can be downloaded from Softpedia as well. What'

  • Json Asp Utility Class 1.5.1

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format. Here are some key features of "JSON ASP utility class":· Transforms various datatypes from ASP to JavaScript using JSON· Escapes all characters which needs to be escaped

  • Asp Associative Array Class 2.0

    The user can programmatically manage any structured data, wile providing various methods to load data from MySQL or MS-Access.It can also export associative-arrays to XML format.Associative arrays are also usefull to pass at once a bunch of variables

  • Iptocountry (vbscript/asp)

    It shows beginners how to detect an user's native country based on the IP address they are using.

  • Geoip Ms Com Api 1.3

    It works with GeoIP itself, and with the GeoLite open source databases.The COM handler comes as a DLL for usage from ColdFusion or ASP apps.Installation:To get GeoIP or GeoLite City to work with the new COM API, set GeoIP.set_db_path to be the direct

  • Dermis 1.1

    The download package includes documentation, installation instructions and examples. Here are some key features of "Dermis":· Powerful Parsing Engine· Smarty-Like Syntax· Automatic Caching· Open Source· Lots of Examples What'

  • Measp

    The following libraries are core libraries and always loaded in the memory: MeConsts, MeSysUtils, MeList and ADOConsts.TMeDatabase is the database class for ASP, while TMeLib implements the dynamic-lazy-loading modules(libraries). Here are some key f

  • Ezaspsite 2.0RC3a

    EzASPSite is a simple to install complete basic ASP WebSite that can be easily adapted to fit your Website needs. It contains all the basics to get your very own ASP driven website up and running in minutes. Powered by the great Web Wiz Forums and Gu

  • Scriptext

    ScripText allow users to submit their own script samples and color codes it.Features: - Color coding allows for easier viewing of the script. - Grouped by category. - Sorted by entry date.

  • Asp Assistant (vb) 1.0.3

    ASP Assistant (VB) is a small Windows application to quickly generate code snippets. This application is designed to help code asp pages quicker, with little snippets and quick database scripts.The script is very easy to install, use and customi

  • Intellicanvas

    intelliCanvas ASP is an intelligent ASP Editor, that is available for FREE. It works in a similar fashion to Microsoft's Visual Interdev or any other Microsoft Visual Studio product.intelliCanvas® does support HTML editing by sensing what the nex

  • Get Remote File

    This script, which is written in Visual Basic, allows you to retrieve either the HTML Source Code or the HTML Browser Output of a remote Website from your own local website by using an XMLHTTP Server Object. You can easily customize the source code t

  • Linkdeny 1.0

    With LinkDeny, you can fight back and control access to your Web site or Web-based application content and to ensure that your bandwidth use is for your site users only -- keeping out all types of "bad" traffic. LinkDeny's powerful access control fea

  • Customerror 3.0

    When errors occur on a Web site or application, they should be handled smoothly to get the user back on track. Some user experience experts estimated that 90% of users who get a standard or uncustomized error on a site will abandon that site (bad for

  • Cacheright 3.0

    A 304 Not Modified response is a waste of time. Why should repeat Web visitors request the same content over and over when it can be cached and accessed faster from a local browser or proxy cache? CacheRight allows developers to easily craft and admi

  • Aspjokes

    ASPJokes is a innovative script to run a joke site in minutes. Add easily jokes to your site. Let users submit their own jokes too. You can make a profitable site adding Google ads or any other ad system. ASPJokes is a template based script, just one

  • Asp Video Games

    ASPVideoGames is a innovative script to run a video games review site. Add easily new Games and Accesories to your site through admin control panel. Users can add their own comments. You can make a profitable site with Google ads (included) or any ot

  • Aspmediascript

    ASPMediaScript is a innovative script to run a media site in minutes.Add easily Games, Movies and Pictures to your site. Items are NOT stored in your server. You can make a profitable site adding Google ads or any other ad system. ASPMediaScript is a

  • Url Replacer

    The ISAPI filter rewrites/replaces defined parts of URL from browser. It enables url to scripts (.asp, .cgi, .idc) with parameters look like static html pages or specify exact download filename generated by script. You can also create a simple proxy

  • Httplog Isapi Filter

    The ISAPI filter enables http raw data logging. It lets you log http header and document data to separate files, monitor IIS service output and check other filters (asp/cgi pages, ISAPI applications) functionality.Installation of http log has impact

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