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  • Asprow

    ASPROW is an open source project which aims to prepare the record/grid views of a table, available in the database.By using ASPROW people can easily prepare web based solutions for their company or organization.ASPROW generates only one page (by writ

  • Asp & Ms Access Database

    An HTML and JS web form example is included in the download package. Requirements:· IIS

  • Ado - Read And Write To Databases From Vb Using Xml Via Asp/http

    The script is very small, having around 25 lines of code for simple database operations. Requirements:· Internet Explorer 5 or higher· ADO 2.5 or higher· IIS or PWS· XML 3 or higher

  • Access Database Viewer

    The script needs as an input the database location and authentication information.It can also run SQL querries.

  • Mssql Trouble Button

    The result of the query are outputted in HTML format. Requirements:· IIS activated

  • Dbman Asp 1.2.1

    Tired of building Back Ends for databases? Use this handy set of pages, and boom! Add, Edit, Delete, all of the data in your tables without having lifted a finger to build the interface.

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