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  • Private Messaging Pro January 27, 2012

    Works on emailing principles, being made from an inbox, outbox and trash folder. Here are some key features of "Private Messaging Pro":· Shows email counts for all folders· Trash bin feature with optional 30 day auto-delete· Sort messa

  • Bf.collaboration

    bf.collaboration is a secure, robust, and scalable web-based application that keep your teams and clients in 24/7 communication with each other, and allows individual groups to organize, maintain, control, and access relevant intellectual property. F

  • Sms To Admin/support

    This application allows your site visitors send SMS (Text) or email messages to your phone or email address without third-party components. It uses CDONTS to send the message as an email and can be easily customized to perform more complex functions.

  • Zaintech Sms Bulk Sender

    Zaintech SMS Bulk Sender is a powerful SMS Gateway Server which provide complete solution for you to immediately broadcasting/receiving high volume of SMS only using GSM Phone/modem. Using Zaintech SMS Bulk Sender, you can instantly: - Perform SMS br

  • Exjune Office Message System 1.0

    exJune Office Message System allows you to take phone messages for your office or business. Message System collects contact numbers of all incoming calls, stores and organizes archived messages for quick and easy searching. Check your messages and ac

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