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  • Visitor Ip Detector 1.0

    Visitor IP is an Active Server Pages script that displays the visitors current IP address in a form text field. The script is very easy to install: just upload one file on your web server.The default document language must be set to JScript.

  • Iticountrydetect

    ITICountryDetect is a COM DLL component for ASP that allows easily target your internet visitors geographically, providing lookup for country code or name of the country by IP address. ITICountryDetect covers 99% of all allocated IP addresses in 246

  • Ajhit 3.0

    AJHit is a silent hit counter - no counter has to be displayed on the page, but one can be if desired. Features: - Optional Visible Text Counter.  - To limit records displayed to a certain date, visit the admin.asp page. - This FREE, easy t

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