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  • International Date Librairy

    The za_FormatDate function provides a way to convert dates between different formats.The za_IsDate allows a programmer to test the validity of a date format.

  • Asp - Est Or Edt

    EST stands for Eastern Standard Time, while EDT stands for Eastern Daylight Time.

  • Villacal

    VillaCal is an ASP availability calendar for web sites advertising holiday and vacation villas to let. It enables the owner to maintain the availability online from any computer with internet access. You don't have to contantly upload and download a

  • Bf.calendars

    This robust, feature packed calendar will help everyone on the team track, maintain, and communicate important dates and times. With public and private calendar entries, recurring entries, attachments, and user-based permissions, bf.calendars clears

  • Webcal Script

    WebCal is an ASP Availability calendar, written in pure ASP. It is simple to configure, yet extremely powerful, Use it to book out your villa or holiday home, your time for consultation, it has endless uses! You can add information such as

  • Ocean12 Calendar Manager 2.0

    This script is an online calendar application which gives you the ability to add a dynamic events calendar to your website or intranet. Features:- Easy Installation. Just unzip and upload. - Easy to Customize. - No code to edit. All configuration is

  • Asp Web Calendar

    ASP Web Calendar is a database driven server application. It is built on Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) technology and uses MS SQL or MS Access for its backend.How can it be used? - Can be used by people who travel extensively, log on from anywh

  • Webcal 3.5

    webCal is a full featured calendar for the web designed with ASP.Features: - Support for multiple users, including a web based user manager - Events may be designated public or private - Week and month views - Option to exclude weekends when scheduli

  • Webschedule 1.2

    WebSchedule is an all in one calendar scheduling application which runs direct from your web server. Users can view calendar tasks and scheduled events anywhere, at anytime, with only a few lines of code. Each user can be part of a group with Month,

  • Exjune Short & Sweet Asp Calendar

    This calendar script is very easy to modify or add database events. It is the root of a larger calendar system. Basic HTML, & ASP knowledge. Script uses VBscript date functions.

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