• Loginradius Sdk For Asp

    The LoginRadius SDK for ASP allows developers to have a user login/register system based on social IDs provided by other services. The SDK provides a simple interface to LoginRadius' API for retrieving settings and customizations made to a LoginRadiu

  • Advlogin

    It can be added to any other project where authentication is needed.It also comes with an administration board. Limitations:· The code is not up to standards, but has great functionality.

  • Members Area Manager 1.0

    DMXReady Members Area Manager allows you to control access to designated secure web pages: - Secure web pages with one line of script, diverting visitors to your sign-up/login page - Use for newspaper articles, organization news, internal memos, phot

  • User Login Validator

    Having a user login on your page is arguably the best and easiest way for validation purposes leading into "members-only" or administration pages. This script will validate form input against field in a database. The script will connect to the databa

  • D2 Sitelock 2.1

    D2 Sitelock v2.1 is a fully featured user management application and Paypal subscription sales system for your Windows Server based website (D2 Sitelock is ASP based and is not suitable for Linux based hosting). What does D2 Sitelock v2.1 do? - D2 Si

  • D2 Sitelock Subs 3.0

    D2 Sitelock Subs is designed to make it easy for you to start selling subscriptions for users to access the premium content on your website. It integrates with the Paypal IPN system meaning you can start making sales without all the hassle or monthly

  • D2 Sitelock Lite 3.0

    D2 Sitelock Lite is a feature rich user management and login system for your website. It allows you to quickly and easily create members only areas accessible only to registered users. The Signup Process: 1. User visits your site and attempts to visi

  • Netlogin User Management 2.3.0

    NetLogin is an ASP based user management system for your website or intranet allowing you to secure web pages. NetLogin integrates easily into any FrontPage enabled web.Features: - Unlimited Users and Passwords - Supports SQL Server or MS Access - Se

  • Login Database

    The Login Database allows you to maintain a members database on your web site and secure selected pages. Visitors can create/edit/delete accounts and retrieve forgotten login information via e-mail. Features include - login info stored in cookie (opt

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