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  • Echopanel 1.0.0

    echoPANEL is a browser-based dedicated server control panel that simplifies your day-to-day hosting tasks. Create and manage your Windows IIS Websites, DNS Entries, Domain Aliases, Folder Permissions, FTP Users, and Email Accounts* inside a s

  • Windowspanel

    WindowsPanel is a hosting control panel for Windows servers. It comes with 100% of the Visual Studio source code and an unlimited license. You are free to modify the software to suit your needs. You are allowed to host as many domains as you like. Yo

  • Ip2location .net Component

    IP2Location .NET Component is a software development component and data solution for .NET Framework, that enables you to discover in real-time, where your web visitors are coming from by IP address.You can then dynamically tailor the content of your

  • Nwhois 3.1

    nwhois script allows you to implement a whois tool on your website.Features: - Designable domain query interfaces, and multi-modes supported - Direct query root whois server - Query detailed whois information, not brief provided by InterNIC - All dom

  • Ehostingpro

    By using this script you can create your hosting packages.Add customers Modify their credits.Customer can easily purchase their hosting plan.Administrator can see the list of purchased plans or domains.Process Orders. User Features: - User

  • Gerry 0.4

    Gerry is a gwebcache, helping to store other web caches and hosts on the gnutella P2P network. Features: - Ease of use - Clean web page showing stats. - Details how many hits, updates, rejected clients and pings you get in the hour and overall - Reje

  • Fingertips

    FingerTips allows your website visitors to build their own web pages and host them on your site.Much like Geocities, FingerTips gives your users an online browser interface in which to build and grow their site. Complete with online file manager and

  • Mylittlebackup For Sql Server 2000

    myLittleBackup for SQL Server 2000 and 2005 is the first Backup/Restore solution specially designed for shared SQL Server hosting. With myLittleBackup, shared SQL Server hosting companies will be able to give their customers an easy and secure soluti

  • Etivewhois 1.2

    Using this component, you can check domain name availability and registrant information in plain text or HTML formatting from any WhoIs server located on Internet from within your ASP pages. This component can removes copyright too.Methods/Properties

  • Digiwhois

    DIGIWHOIS is a flexible DLL which you can use to develop your own domain lookup or domain information utilities within your site. It has been designed with Internet Service Providers and Domain Resellers in mind, to deliver maximum features in a comp

  • Digidomain 2.2

    DIGIDOMAIN is an integrated domain lookup, name spinner and whois tool developed for ISPs and Domain Resellers who wish to provide easy domain search functionality to their customers, and link customers through to their order form automatically on fi

  • Active Membership 2.0

    Features - designed for Webmasters who want to start a pay-to-view, members-only website. - You also create multiple Webmaster Accounts and charge Each Webmaster a Fee for using Active Membership - Each Webmaster Account can create unlimited number o

  • Asp Upload

    AspUpload is a COM component which enables an ASP application to capture, save and process files uploaded to the web server with a browser. The files are selected for uploading via an HTML POST form using the tag. With AspUpload, you can add file upl

  • Serenity

    Serenity is a lightweight modular webserver targeting the .NET platform. It allows web developers to create web applications that generate dynamic content faster and more efficiently than other webservers (Apache/IIS). Serenity removes many of the pe

  • Cask 2.0

    CASK enables an individual or an ISP to quickly create a community Web site such as a user group site, a developer resource site, or a news site. It has seven standard content modules, Articles, Chat, Links, Downloads, Photo Gallery, Events and Books

  • Rfileupload

    RfileUpload is a control that lets clients upload files on server, where application is started, easily with the web browser. It can reduce the amount of code, for uploading file. And It can control the size and type of uploading files. You c

  • Downloader Components

    Downloader is a .NET web control that allows you to monitor and track the items that are downloaded and who's downloading them. This powerful tool will display a text or image link on your web site which when clicked will record the users information

  • Iis Manager

    IIS Manager is a specially designed .NET component managing your Internet Information Server; easiley mananges virtual directories, web directories and IIS applications. This component can be easily used for the creation of web installation programs,

  • Fileuploader

    FileUploader is an ASP.NET web control that allows quick and easy multiple file and image uploading to a web server. Use the FileUploader component to handle uploading binary or text files from a browser client to the server. Created on the basi

  • Monofilemanager

    FileManager (caries the name of the package) is a feature rich Web based file manager. It allows users to manage their files and folders remotely using only a standard browser. If you need to add directory browsing, in-place image

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