• Office Export Library

    The exported data can then be saved and stored on the user's computer. Here are some key features of "Office Export Library":· Easy to integrate;· Can export gridview with AjaxToolkit items;· Can export current page or entire dataset(o

  • Simple Select Case Example

    Simple Select Case example code is a simple example of how to use the Select Case functionality in ASP.

  • Printerfriendly 2.0

    This code snippet shows how to implement a "printer friendly" version link for your pages. The "Printer Friendly" version select the main content of your page, removing the menu, header graphics, advertising and foot content. The script performs the

  • Geneaterandompassword

    Let's say you have a website and contains a membership process. But you do not want visitor to type his/her own password and want to create a temporary password for new member. You may add this function to generate a random password. This simple

  • Cookies Expire Date

    To create cookies in ASP is easy. After creating cookies, you will store it in client's visitors. While creating cookies, you must notice to modify the expire date of cookies. Because life length of a cookies is in your hands. This script shows you h

  • Print Fibonacci Series Using Do-while

    How to print Fibonacci series using do-while.

  • Sql Data Reader 1.0

    SQL Data Reader is a VB.NET version of the C# SQL Data Reader.

  • Display Date 1.0

    Display Date script displays the date using VB.NET.

  • Web.config For Forms Auth.

    This web.config file demonstrates how to configure forms authentication in The file shows how to secure a specific directory so as to limit access to it. The code is thoroughly commented.

  • System Datetime Short Date 1.0

    This snippet writes the current date to the user's screen using the System.DateTime class's static property Now's ToShortDateString() method.

  • Force Download 1.0

    Using code to dynamically push a download to the browser can come in handy in quite a few situations.

  • Vbs Replace Bad Character P2 1.0

    This script is a function that removes any bad characters from the value of a parameter. A typical use would be a form insertion or update page where before you insert the field values, you remove any bad characters so that they don't perform operati

  • Simple Cdo Mail

    This is a *very* simple CDO mail script, which emails the values of every form field, in the order it's displayed on your page. This sends values of submit buttons and hidden fields also. It just requires changing four lines of code.

  • Server.htmlencode

    Server.HTMLEncode script allows you to encode a database entry so that everything is displayed. This prevents < and > from showing, as they'll be output as < and >, so that all HTML is written to the page instead of being rendered by the browser

  • Server Script Timeout 1.0

    Server Script Timeout script is a good example for use of this Snippet for anyone who builds Mailing Lists. The typical default is 90 seconds before the server "times out". However with this script towards the top of your page you can make it ti

  • Replace Line Breaks

    Replace Line Breaks script allows you to replace line breaks/carriage returns with br tags for displaying long memo fields with entered text.

  • Output Files

    This VBScript displays the contents of every text based file in a particular folder. You can determine if you want the output encoded, straight html and what types of files you want to return.This script should be placed where you want the file listi

  • Parent Recordset Repeat

    Wrap around your parent recordset. Includes declaration for child recordset creation. Use with the other DataShape snippets.

  • Output Request.form Collection

    This Snippet outputs the entire request.form collection This is extrememly useful for troubleshooting, so you can see all the values available to you on the page.Simply place the Snippet where you want the collection to be displayed.

  • Output Querystring Collection

    Use this Snippet to output the entire request.querystring collection. This is extremely useful if you have a large and cumbersome querystring, such as paging through database results. This will allow you to see all the variables available to you, and

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