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  • Engine Promotion Dmoz Extraction

    Want to offer the DMOZ Directory to the visitors of your site? The Engine Promotion DMOZ Extraction script offers you the facility to pull results straight from the Open Directory (DMOZ) and into your own page html. Requirements:· An asp capable

  • Z-odp 0.5

    Z-ODP is an ASP script that parses the Open Directory Project's website ( and lists their content on your website. What that basically means is all categories and links found on ODP can be shown on your site.

  • Search Engine 2 2.0

    The Search Engine is a Microsoft Access driven system. This means that this Search Engine works by going through a Microsoft Access Database. The Search Engine would be a great feature on your site if you would like to get more visitors to interact w

  • Search Engine Asp 1.0

    The Search Engine is a Microsoft Access driven system. This means that this Search Engine works by going through a Microsoft Access Database. This Search Engine is great for using on your website, it allows you to have your own web search engine, tha

  • Googlebox Asp

    GoogleBox ASP enables you to use the Google API to show the Top Ten search results from a Google search query. GoogleBox ASP generates an XML file in the RDF format from the Google API SOAP results, then transforms the XML into HTML using XSLT. It al

  • Search Connector

    The search connector adds a full-text search to your website. It can search both through web based content as through documents (pdf, word, ...). The search module is a connector to the dtSearch Web Spider engine which should be installed on the serv

  • Ppp Pay Per Click Search Engine 2.0

    Power Portal Pro with Pay Per Click Search Engine module. Adds a pay-per-click, search term based bidding system (similar to to your Power Portal Pro portal.Features - Written in ASP.NET VB - Uses MS SQL database - Fully customizable. D

  • Googlesearch 1.0.2

    GoogleSearch script allows you to include google search in your DotNetNuke site.Features: - Perform an search on google using the google SOAP API - Can filter adult content - Can filter simillar results - Possibility to specify max results - Google l

  • Site Search Engine

    The Search Engine module will search an entire page also dynamic pages for matching keyword(s) or a phrase and will count how many times the keyword(s) or phrase are found on the page, and display the results with the highest matches first. The modul

  • Search For Index Server 1.0

    ASP.NET Search for Index Server script allows you to add a search tool to your web site.Features: - ASP.NET web application written for Microsoft .NET framework v1.1 and compatible with .NET v2.0. - Includes both "Basic" and "Advanced" searching

  • Easy 1.9.1

    EasyQuery.NET allows you to include end user oriented query builder into your .NET WinForms application or ASP.NET web-site. It implements the main principles of our Easy Query solution on .NET framework. It is written on C# programing language and i

  • Searchdb

    searchdb is an ASP.NET search engine written in VB.NET. It incorporates a webcrawler, indexer and site search engine. The program uses a database to store the crawled pages and extracted words and the results are displayed in a way similar to popular

  • Active Data Online Search Engine 4.3

    Active Data Online Search Engine is a hypertextual search engine, comprising a Windows Forms crawler, indexer and management console, and an ASP.NET search engine. The system can crawl, index and store thousands of web pages, and return search result

  • Search For 2.1.0

    Search for ASP.NET is an index based search engine control for ASP.NET web applications, written in .NET.It's design is fully customizable through it's use of templates. It is simple to use, being entirely control based no programming is required. It

  • Axml Asp Search

    AXML ASP Search is a database oriented asp search engine, for use with any site hosted on the Microsoft IIS platform and supporting ASP. Because it's 100% script, there's no requirement to register any dll(s) or install any software(s). This makes it

  • Ultimatesearch

    UltimateSearch is a set of ASP.NET controls to provide search functionality at your website.Features: - Search Engine - Add search to website quickly and easily. - No Coding Required - No need to write a single line of code on either server-side or c

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