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  • Slickrater

    The SlickRater control is an ASP.NET server control that allows users to easily submit ratings.As opposed to regular rating controls, SlickRater allows the user to rate an item with a single click and no page reload. This significantly increases thei

  • Incipio Inquest

    Incipio inQuest is a simple, easy to install and use, visitor polling system for web sites. inQuest empowers the web site operator to administer polls (short one question surveys) on their web site without doing any programming! Once inQuest is insta

  • Easyt Survey And Assessment 1.6

    Measure user preferences and attitudes to know what your customers think. Test learning effectiveness through online quiz assessment. Any time, anywhere via the the Internet or your corporate intranet. Typical applications for easyT Survey and Assess

  • Megavote

    Megavote is an ASP application to display multiple voting questionnaires on a websiteThe MegaVote is a means of creating a voting mechanism which allows you to have multiple categories in which to vote on within a single vote. The single ASP pages ca

  • Stylepoll

    StylePoll is a simple poll application. You can create and add polls into your site within 10 minutes. It's easy! No need for programming in ASP. Features: - Dynamic generation of polls - no need for form designing or programming. - Simple poll creat

  • Websurvey 1.0

    WebSurvey is an ASP app that displays a survey and collects the answers to the user. It displays surveys from a database and collects the answers.WebSurvey requires that you are running on a machine able to process ASP scripts (either IIS or some web

  • Opinio 6.0.3

    Opinio is a professional survey application that allows you to: - create professional surveys and polls - invite respondents to participate - analyze collected data - export data for in-depth analysis - create panels for respondent recruitment Featur

  • Ultimate Poll Software

    ULTIMATE POLL SOFTWARE allows you to create polls on your web site in under an hour. Benefits:Create Fully Customizable Polls Customize EVERY aspect of the poll, including the question, answers, style, fonts, behavior, and images used the graphs -- e

  • Asp Quickpoll

    Integrate polls easily into your web site with ASP QuickPoll, a versatile and affordable web-based poll application. A password-protected administration area allows you to manage and maintain multiple polls, view the results and configure its setting

  • Aspwebsurv

    AspWebSurv is a dynamic polling system that will create interest and let you gather valuable information about what your Site visitors think. Voter tracking prevents multiple voting by same visitor and guarantees accuracy.Easy Set Up AspWebSurv runs

  • Pollpro 4.1

    PollPro offers a powerful and robust polling software.  PollPro gives you the opportunity to find out exactly what your visitors think on any range of current topics. Whether its for invaluable market research or just to get some feedback P

  • Our Web Survey 1.3

    Our Web Survey is an easy to use survey and questionnaire system, all ready to install on your own local Intranet or Internet based Web server. What does the survey / questionnaire software do?: It is a fully web-based questionnaire designer - n

  • Pre Survey Generator

    Pre Survey Generator is smartest way to add surveys to your website. Pre Survey Generator is an easy-to-use application that provides your poll results. Simply login to your admin panel and generate surveys. Administrators can work from their browser

  • Poll Pro 3.0

    Did you ever wish you could know what your site's visitors think? Want to make your site more interactive and/or fun?Adding a poll to your front page could provide valuable subject-related feedback from your visitors, and let them know you're interes

  • Asp Poll 1.1

    ASP Poll allows your visitors to vote on the online polls you create. Vistors can also view results of the polls. Vistors get color graphs showing their opinions. The administrator can add/edit pools anytime from the browser-based administration (unl

  • Accessible Asp Star Ratings Script 0.2

    Accessible ASP Star Ratings Script allows you to include a rating system on your website.The Star Ratings script uses an Access database and should run on just about any ASP enabled Windows server. Features - Uses AJAX if Javascript is enabled but fu

  • Rate Me

    This script helps you to upload your photos and let visitors rate it! Features include upload function, auto rating calculation, auto browse through until the last photo, same page refresh prevention, and more! Features - Easy to use - Photo upload -

  • Ia-siterating

    IA-SiteRating makes it easier than ever to collect feedback from your website's users. Let users vote on the usefulness of each individual page and you as the administrator can view a summary report of the feedback. Allows for users to leave a commen

  • Lundlay Asp Poll

    This script is a fully working, componentless poll written for Microsoft's Active Server Pages. This component is realized in VBScript and it does not require additional installation of Java clients, ActiveX or COM objects to the client-side or

  • Ezpoll 1.0

    This is a simple poll script in which you can add and delete polls or review past polls. In the password protected Admin sectionyou can create any number of Polls and switch betwwen them to select the poll you want to show, you can also choose the nu

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