• Expenselogger 2.1.0

    ExpenseLogger allows users to split up their costs in different categories and keep track of each one over a period of time.A statistics center is included with ExpenseLogger allowing webmasters to get a full review of their recent expenses and costs

  • Dhtmlx Scheduler For 2.0

    Modeled after MS Outlook Calendar or the web interface of Google Calendar, this script ports the majority of those features to the highly reliable world of ASP.NET. Here are some key features of "DHTMLX Scheduler for ASP.NET":· Yearly view·

  • Orgcalendar v.2.2

    An administration module is also included for easy management.Very similar to Google Calendar, OrgCalendar is a successfull online personal agenda script for keeping activities in order.OrgCalendar uses a Microsoft Access database.Installation:1. Ext

  • Addressbook

    This script is an implementation of the Arraylist collection, Listbox and Serialization.

  • A Class In

    The script can store details for full-time or part-time workers.It has a standard model so it can be adapted to any company environment.


    It can be easily be integrated with C#,C++,VB or J#.The component is based on flexible memetic algorithms and automatically determines an optimized schedule of vehicels to an arbitrary set of shipments. Here are some key features of "JOpt.NET":·

  • 1.0

    WebScheduler.NET™ is designed for ease-of-use and out-of-the-box Scheduling experience, yet providing advanced level of customization and innovative features. WebScheduler.NET™ allows you to build professional calendaring and scheduling a

  • Timelive 3.2.1

    TimeLive Web timesheet suite is integrated suite for time record, time tracking and time billing software. The TimeLive suite of products deliver a time tracking solution for professional service providers. Features: - Time Entry Day View for enterin

  • School Reporting Tools

    School Reporting Toolslong is a suite of PHP/MySQL tools for schools. It provides: - A tool for producing and managing student reports. - A tool for managing an office supplies room. - Tools for managing a small library or a laboratory coll

  • E - School Management System

    The parents of students are very busy now a days, this school management system helps the parents monitor their children from anywhere. They can check their children's academic performance from a remote location, plus the teacher's can post specific

  • Evite

    It is a script for sending Online Invitations.You can create Public or Private Invitations and events.Choose your design,Specify the Location of your Event,Pick out a date,Enter the list of your Guests' Emails,Send your invitation. User Features: - U

  • Project Management

    Project Manager is a web based software to track and manage system and software project requests. Manage your small business tracking system with easy. It is suitable to for tracking system modifications, software changes or releases. Keep on to

  • Asp Reservation Online

    This product will allow your guests to make a reservation online at your restaurant. It can be adapted to fuction as a reservation system for anything from coach seating to shows.

  • Asp Address Book 1.1

    Address book works similarly as Yellow Pages. It is a booklet that stores all the contacts and is equipped with an easy search facility. A typical useful implementation would be getting this module installed in your Intranet. You could then assign a

  • Daypoint

    DayPoint can improve your team's effectiveness by giving your team the tools to collaborate seamlessly. Each of the DayPoint modules provides a means to communicate vital information, on the urgency appropriate to the information: - Calendars: allow

  • Clientzoo Pro 1.02

    ClientZoo Pro script provides you a powerful management tool of your current and potential contacts.Features: - Manage all your contacts with ease and security - Assign unlimited users with individual user contact maintenance  - Send preformatte

  • Tasktracker 1.5

    TaskTracker is a simple, inexpensive task management program. Completely web-based, you can easily prioritize and manage tasks from anywhere. Key Features: - Customize priority labels  - E-mail invitations to your users  - User authenticati

  • Address Book Asp

    The back-end of the ASP program is done in Microsoft Access. The Access database has 1 table which contains the information. The administrator may add, delete, or edit the information through the Access database, or go to an administrator form on a w

  • Action Item Manager 4.0

    If your projects are deadline-driven and "ad-hoc", meaning instant production and delegation of work rather than detailed planning ahead of time, you can use Action Item Manager. It is as easy to use as any to-do list, yet surprisingly powe

  • Soft Contacts 5.0r1

    Soft Contacts is leading-edge, web-based software for Sales Force Automation and Contact Management. Let your sales teams and sales persons organize their prospects, leads, and contacts separately. Fully configurable ASP source code. Monthly planned,

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