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  • 1.0

    The news publishing platform runs on Windows web servers and SQL Server. Here are some key features of "AllNewsManager.NET":· Multiple authors· Comment moderation· Disable comments· Articles Moderation· Search· Highlight

  • Nolior Eznews 3.3

    Nolior EZNews is a tool for presenting news, announcements, information and more on a web site. Features are: XML storage, Control panel, User registration, Two user levels, Date ranges, RSS syndication, e-mail and more. Written in ASP.Net.

  • Pensanews 2.0

    Keep your website visitors updated with PensaNews, a news bulletin management system with RSS! Excelling at large numbers of news articles, the PensaNews module features news article categorization and specification of a release date. Adding an

  • Aspwn

    If you are tired of updating your what's new page this is the solution for you. Now you can update this list through an online interface never having to look at a line of HTML. Features: - Easy setup and installation - Feature rich administration - A

  • Slogger 1.0

    Slogger is an Open Source Document Processing System for ASP. Slogger is aimed at anyone who wishes to have an easy to use system for displaying documents, eg short stories, articles etc, on the web. It has been inspired by the blog, system but is no

  • Axml Aspnews

    Axml ASPNews is a stand-alone News Website designed for news sites of any kind(General, Politics, Sports, Music, Science, etc) especially for Newspaper Sites, although it successfully fulfills the purpose of any site.AXML ASPNews lets you publish you

  • Psnews 1.3

    PSnews is a simple Content Management System. Designed primarily as an easy way to add a database driven news feature to your website, this on-going project will eventually include such features as Columns, Email member features, maybe even a forum.

  • News Manager Lite 3.5

    The most important news should be current and right up-front, on your site's front page! But it changes regularly, and you don't have time for playing around with HTML code or doing all that uploading for each little change! With NML, you can delegat

  • Inews Publisher 2.5

    iNews Publisher is a sophisticated news article management application, designed specifically for the internet. With the powerful new WYSIWYG text editor, you'll want to write your articles online! This news manager system has been written for optima

  • Asp News 2.21

    The ASP News Management is a News script basically which can be used to post updates on a site.It also has all the features needed to be used as an online journal/diary or blog.The script uses a password protected area to add/edit/delete news updates

  • Newsroom 1.2

    This is a module that allows the publishing of news into a website in near real-time without the hassle of modifying HTML files and uploading files. Features: - Unlimited number of news in unlimited number of news category. - Three different views -

  • Aspfanfic

    ASPFanFic is a fully automated FanFic archive system, complete with user management and interaction. This system is currently in major development, and not yet available for download. ASPFanFic works without the need for a database of any kind, utili

  • News Manager Asp 1.0

    News Manager has a simple easy to use Admin interface which allows you to post news articles which can go live on your website without changing any code in your website files. You can manage all the latest news using this simple interface and even at

  • News Release Manager 1.0.6

    News Manager lets anyone publish content on the web effectively and easily with only a couple clicks. The administration area is a secured area with an intuitive interface that will let you manage all of your content.You can upload new attachments, c

  • Magme 1.0

    MagMe script allows you to run your own e-zine on the personal web site.Features:. - An E-zine is an online magazine which is updated regularly. - This script can also be used for publishing content which is updated regularly. - It comes with feature

  • Quicknews 2.0.0

    This is a basic news listing application that can be used for adding news and information to a website by using just your browser. QuickNews is a simple ASP news and information publishing application that allows you to quickly add a basic infor

  • Xcnewsplus

    xcNewsPlus is a news, event, press release and information publishing system. xcNewsPlus allows you to add an easy to maintain information publishing to your existing site and have it seamlessly integrate with your site design. It can also optionally

  • Da News Manager Cms 3.0

    DA News Manager CMS is a content management system especially designed for news websites and websites that has a huge contents of news. This newer version has a lot of rich features than its previous releases. You don't need to know web design or any

  • Absolute News Manager .net 5.1

    Absolute News Manager .NET is a powerful web site content management system specially designed to speed up your activity of adding news, articles, press releases and any other type of content to your web site or corporate Intranet.Absolute News Manag

  • Active News Manager 3.6

    The software allows editors to edit content using an WYSIWYG editor.Now it is so easy to run a complete content management system. New version comes with new functions like RSS/XML support, template base integration to you exist web site, multi-categ

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