• For Dotnetnuke

    The "YetAnotherForum.NET for DotNetNuke" is written 100% in C# ASP.NET.It embeds the YetAnotherForum.NET forum with DotNetNuke. Here are some key features of "YetAnotherForum.NET for DotNetNuke":· Uses AJAX and jQuery for controls· Timestam

  • Rich Text Editor For Dotnetnuke

    Rich Text Editor is perfect for sites running on the DotNetNuke platform in need of a simple, quality WYSIWYG editor to replace the DotNetNuke default editor. Installation:Go to the Host menu and select Extensions.Click on Install Extension Wizard.Br

  • Loginradius Plugin For Dotnetnuke

    The plugin allows website admins to have a user login/register system based on social IDs provided by other services. Many features are available for customization, from styling options to authentication settings.The plugin is compatible with both Do

  • Loginradius Plugin For

    The plugin allows blog admins to have a user login/register system based on social IDs provided by other services. It works by replacing the default login widget with LoginRadious' social login service.Other LoginRadius plugins:WordPressJoomlaDrupalo

  • Vscompressor 1.0

    Because viewstates of complex ASP.NET pages can sometime reach more than 500kb, reducing their size is crucial for achieving high application speeds. This small component does not only allow for a way to compress viewstates, but can also secure them

  • Web Rule Server Control

    Th control adds a graphical web interface, where users can create application rules by selecting options from a series of drop-down menus.Implemented as a single self-contained .NET assembly less than 500Kb in size. Here are some key features of "Web

  • Phdcc.codemodule 01.02.01

    This module should be available only to admins because of its high level of access to the website's core code.It can also be used to write code in either Visual Basic (VB) or C-Sharp (C#). Here are some key features of "phdcc.CodeModule":· Write

  • v01.04.18

    More information can be found in the readme file. Here are some key features of "phdcc.Data":Available modules:· phdcc.Data.Form: Table and form generator; displays the customisable form to a user· phdcc.Data.View: Show a result from one or

  • Seesearchwords 2.5

    It works with local searches or even with queries submitted via Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN.SeeSearchWords highlights search words in bold red on a yellow background, with an information header at the top of the page.Installation instructions can be f

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