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  • .net Ajax Image Gallery 1.0

    The gallery is AJAX-driven, loading images asynchronously, as they are needed. Configurable settings:PicturesRelativePath – relative path from client sidePicturesWindowsPath – path from server sideImagesSettingsPath – xml file(NiceG

  • Imagerenderer For

    It supports rendering all .NET Framework enabled imaging formats( JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, ICO, BMP, TIFF, etc.).The component can be used in any data bound control(DataList, GridView etc.) or absolute/virtual url to render&display image. ImageRender auto

  • Imagecropper For 1.1.4

    Combined with ImageRenderer control it offers a wide range of possibilities.ImageCropper combines highly configurable and customizable ASP.NET architecture with a powerful cross-platform DHTML selection engine which is familiar to desktop application

  • Imagetagger For 1.1.4

    This component mimics Flickr photo tagging feature.Custom styled tagging and unlimited images are supported. Here are some key features of "ImageTagger for ASP.NET":· Attach to any image· CSS support· Cross-Browser support

  • Pdf Vision .net

    PDF Vision .Net is a component to convert images to PDF format. It supports BMP to PDF, JPG to PDF, GIF to PDF and other formats such as WMF, EMF, ICO, and PNG. The componenent created only with pure C#, it's absolutely standalone and doesn't require

  • Image Gallery 1.2

    The allinasp.NET Image Gallery allows you to quickly and easily add sophisticated, paged image galleries to your ASP.NET enabled pages. Create online image galleries in seconds by dropping your image folders into the galleries image-store directory.

  • Gphotonet

    gPhotoNet is an ASP.NET based free photo gallery application. It's main advantage over other photo galleries is its simplicity. Features - Automatic thumbnail creation - Easy installation - High quality thumbnails - Customizable thumbnail size, backg

  • Ajax Photo Gallery 1.2.6

    Ajax Photo Gallery is a powerful, easy to install and customize ASP/ASP.NET based photo album software, created for those peoples who want to have their pictures up and running in 5 minutes, without databases or configuration hassles. It works with A

  • Aurigma Graphics Mill For .net 4.1

    Aurigma Graphics Mill for .NET is an image processing component developed for .NET platform. This component is indispensable to create applications that work with images. Whenever you create a photohosting website, an application which applies prepri

  • W3 Image 2.0

    The main purpose of w3 Image is to generate and/or manipulate images. w3 Image is suitable for: - Creating diagrams displaying data from your database - Creating headings and buttons as images - Automatic generation of thumbnails - Creating signed im

  • Aztec Asp Component

    This small footprint barcode ASP component is an ATL COM product which can add professional quality 2D Aztec PNG format images (GIF and JPEG image formats can be added upon request) to your web pages hosted on the IIS server. Features: - Reed-So

  • Pdf417 Asp Component

    This  small footprint barcode ASP component is an ATL COM product which can add professional quality 2D PDF417 PNG format images (GIF and JPEG image formats can be added upon request) to your web pages hosted on the IIS server. Features: - 9 err

  • Mw6 Datamatrix .net

    MW6 DataMatrix .NET control is a flexible and reliable .NET component and can create professional 2D DataMatrix images for your .NET application, you can save the DataMatrix barcode as different image format files. It is easy to print the DataMatrix

  • Pensagallery 1.0

    PensaGallery is a fully customizable website Gallery Management system with a wide variety of features including automated image resizing, thumbnail generation, batch uploading, and more that make it the easiest and most dependable system around. Wha

  • Ncubed Free Image Gallery

    The Free Image Gallery allows you to rapidly deploy a dynamic image gallery to any ASP/VBScript page in your site. From a single image gallery to a hundred image galleries (or more!) can be driven by a single page. The Free Imag

  • Eimagepro

    ImageGallery is a popular program that is used in many professional websites.With the use of this system you can classify and archive your pictures.This system does not require any upload components. User Features: - Display pictures dynamically

  • My Asp Thumbnail Gallery 5.0

    This application provides you an easy, fast and cheap way to publish your picture gallery online and now even supports automatic thumbnails, password protected categories and multiple users. M.A.T.G is written in ASP/VBscript using Macromed

  • Image Gallery And Thumbnailer 3.5.01

    The script is an Image Gallery written in Asp which is AspJPEG enabled, allowing it to automatically create thumbnails and thereby reduce bandwidth consumption on your site. It has customisable user interface to fit in with your site and an easy to u

  • Picturepod

    A PicturePod is a pop-up window image viewer created using XML files. You can them move either forwards or backwards through the pictures. An example is given in the example directory. The XML file given in the example can be used as a starting point

  • Gallery Application 1.21

    Gallery Application is a simple little application used to show off images. This is a simple little application used to show off images. Features: - ASP driven (Microsoft IIS servers) - Using Persits ASPJpeg, this builds thumbnail images and finds im

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