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  • Web Cam Capture

    This can be used for video-chat software where real-time captions are needed. Requirements:· .Net Framework 3.5 or higher

  • Aspnetaudio Component 1.0.6

    ASPNetAudio Component allows you to add sound to ASP.NET websites.Features: - ASPNetAudio allows you to deliver background music, radio broadcasts, sound effects. - Compatible with regular MP3 files. - All script and XHTML markup created by ASPNetAud

  • Media Gallery 2.0

    Media Gallery is an advanced online image management solution based on ASP.NET and SQL Server. It is not just a common web gallery application, but a multipurpose framework which enables you to add a wide range of image management capabilities to you

  • Aurigma Avi Processor

    Aurigma AVI Processor is designed to read existing AVI files and to create new ones. With this product you can easily create your own AVI's, recompress existing AVI's while marking video with your logo (watermark), and extract video and sound track f

  • One Web Mp3 Server 3.0

    One Web MP3 Server is a free ASP application that turns your MP3 collection into a website. It allows you to quickly access your music over a local network or even the Internet. Now you can browse, search, create playlists and listen to your files us

  • Asp Turbine 7.0.432

    ASP Turbine is a Rich Media generator for ASP.NET and ASP scripts. Turbine is the perfect solution to generate Rich Media with dynamic content from ASP.NET and ASP scripting. And because some formats are more appropriate for certain types of con

  • Asp Mp3 Lister 1.0

    This free asp script will gather mp3 ID3v1 and ID3v1.1 TAG info for all mp3s in a directory and create a table with the TAG information. The script can also write an asp page containing the table that you can use on your site as a separate page or as

  • Youtube Video Downloader 4.0

    Looking for a script that allows website visitors to download Youtube videos to their own computers? This one is written in Active Server Pages for ASP enabled websites. The script takes a YouTube video url and teases out the actual, real url of the

  • Aurigma Media Processor

    Aurigma Media Processor is a component which can load files of various media formats and process them in various ways. For images and video files, it can do the following: create thumbnails, rotate, crop, draw text and more, then save the result as J

  • Multimedia Module

    The Multimedia module makes it possible to integrate multimedia content in your web pages.  Following multimedia plugins are supported: - Windows Media Player - QuickTime 6 - Real One Player - Flash - Shockwave The Multimedia is a stan

  • Breathofair Tv Guide 2.75

    Breathofair Tv Guide is great for everyone. This FREE Tv Guide application was made as there wasn't many, if any FREE online ASP Tv guides. This Tv Guide is fast, reliable, and very easy to customize. Features: - Password Encryption (160 bit 1-way ha

  • Cmd2wav

    Cmd2Wav is a simple command-line tool that records a wav file for a given number of seconds. It uses the windows sound system, so you must adjust your mixer inputs to use either your microphone or line in.CMD2WAV lets you specify the sample rate, the

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