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  • Form-2-email 1.0

    Form-2-Email works with existing Windows servers, allowing the admin easily take a Windows-based website and Windows-based form and convert it to an email.Comes packed with lots of features, allowing the easy setup and handling of a form-to-email sys

  • Feed Back Form

    reCAPTCHA is used as a spam filter and protector. Requirements:· .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

  • Extaspnet v2.2.1

    It is written completely in ASP.NET with no JavaScript, no CSS, no UpdatePanel and no WebServices.Currently it is supported on browsers like IE 7.0, Firefox 3.0, Chrome 2.0, Opera 9.5 and Safari 3.0+.

  • Multiple Recipient Contact Form With Ajax

    It was built in ASP.NET.The project contains 2 sample pages: one ordinary page and one nested inside the MasterPage. Here are some key features of "Multiple Recipient Contact Form with Ajax":· Simple to use and integrate;· No postback requi

  • Insert Form Data To Database

    When a user submits a contact form, it is a good idea to record a copy of that email into a database for future reference.This script allows you to have a complete form that sends data to a database that you can refer to in the future.This

  • Basic Form Validation

    For consistency purposes, it is always a good idea to validate some of your primary form fields. In other words, the user will be required to make an entry in certain fields or the form will not submit. This script allows you to have a standard

  • Basic Email Validation

    This is more of a way to dummy-proof your online forms so that users have to enter an email address in a more consistent format. In order to truthfully validate an email address, you need to have a third party component installed on your server that

  • Asp Post Data To Url

    ASP Post data to URL is an ASP function to post form data to a URL and return the content.

  • Asp Form Data Server Side Validation

    ASP Form Data Server Side Validation script uses one function to validate multiple form input data types.There are a number of arguments for client side form validation: 1. Less network traffic making for a lighter load on the server. 2. Faster fulfi

  • Tell A Friendasp

    Tell a FriendASP is a simple tell a friend script that allows visitors to promote your website.

  • Astriden Form

    Astriden Form is a professional form processor that can process any website form. Complete package includes multiple form handling, dynamic results page, field verification, custom error messages, HTML autoresponder, multiple admin notification, and

  • Form Creator Tool

    Form creator is an easy asp tool that you can use to generate your forms.Features: - unlimited fields - complete validation - optional and required fields control - you can submit the form to database or to your email

  • Pre Webform Generator

    Pre Webform Generator generates online web forms within few steps. Pre Webform Generator has ability to create multiple form handling, dynamic results page, field verification, custom error messages, HTML autoresponder, multiple admin notification, a

  • Form Validator Asp

    Form Validator gives designers and programmers working with Adobe Dreamweaver a very powerful tool for the creation of forms, indispensable to collect user data. If you do not validate your forms, you may soon find yourself dealing with large amounts

  • Asp Form2mail

    ASP Form2Mail is a Dreamweaver extension for Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later, which allows to email every field of a form filled by the user along with other data that help you to know more about the user and allow to offer a better technical support a

  • Form Creator

    Form Creator come with some options to validate text fields (optionally the minimum and maximum number of characters), numbers or emails in Javascript. Features: - Generating all the code (Javascript, HTML and ASP) and make the sendmail function by m

  • Advanced Form Handling Basic

    Advanced Form Handling Basic allows you to mail your forms, create forms, store, view, edit and print results.Benefits: - Do you have a form and need it emailed to you? - Formatting can be done automatically - Or you can have full control over email

  • Form Generator

    With the Form Generator module, administrators can create their own input forms using a user-friendly interface.All submitted form data can be sent to one or more administrators.  The data is also saved in the emagiC CMS.Net datastore and can be

  • Form Submitter

    This is made in CGI and ASP , It can submit form to e-mail address in the organized manner. It has option of CC and BC like e-mail software.It has also feature of required field and redirect to unsuccessful page if the required field is not filled. I

  • Absolute Form Processor .net 4.0

    Absolute Form Processor is a powerful tool for collecting and processing your web based HTML forms. The main feature of this app is that you don’t have to waste time developing server code, validation rules , form mailers and auto responders fo

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