• Wpt Blog 1.0

    It uses MySQL to store blog entries. Here are some key features of "WPT Blog":· Event Calendar· Last posts· Pagination comments· Captcha antispam images· Smilies· Admin Control Panel· User control panel Requirements

  • Absolute Podcasting .net 1.0

    Absolute Podcasting .NET is a complete and ready to run audio blogging site and podcasting software that will literally provide your site with its own voice. With Absolute Podcasting your site will speak by itself!, You can use it to provide audio de

  • Triptychblog 0.9

    TriptychBlog is an Open Source Blogging Engine powered by the Microsoft 2.0 framework. It has many great features. TriptychBlog is entirely open source and will run on any computer using Windows 2000 or higher. We hope to have a walkthrough t

  • Rblog 1.0

    RBlog is a fusion of the RSS and the Web log concepts. You can log in from anywhere, add, edit and remove news information. Almost anyone can come to this website and get an RBlog in minutes. This information can be picked up by others-- web portals,

  • Ublog Reload 1.0.5

    Ublog Reload is a complete weblog system that will make your web site look more professional! Ublog Reload, written entirely in ASP/VbScript, allows an easy, flexible integration into any webpage with on-line configuration. Ublog Reload presents a mo

  • Blogit! 1.0

    BlogIt! Is not just for angry teenagers to get their woes off their chest! It can be a useful business tool allowing you to keep in touch with your employees and inform them of Events, Meetings, Changes in Policy, in fact any announcement you can thi

  • Blogme Asp 3.0

    BlogMe ASP is a blogging utility for your website.Features: - A fully featured administrative panel to monitor all the content of your blog. - Permalinks so that users may perpetually link to your articles. - Incorporated the much awaited Smilies and

  • Aspired2blog

    ASPired2Blog is a powerful Blog management tool. Create, edit, and manage your blog with ease.ASPired2Blog uses an Access database, style sheets, and a simple administration panel to create informative and easy2read blogs. ASPIred2Blog Features: Secu

  • Bp Blog 7.04

    BP Blog is a blog software coded in ASP.Features: - ASP 3.0 - HTML Editor with image/file upload - Only one line of code to change (the connection string to your Access database)! - Simple Gallery (requires ASP.NET for thumbnail creation) Requirement

  • Ublog 1.6

    The weblog represents an exceptional and revolutionary innovation in the way and the conception itself to communicate and to interact in Internet. It is a innovation in continuous evolution: it is not only as a "virtual" space in which you can tell t

  • Ri Blog 1.3

    RI BLOG script allows you to install and use a simple blog on your web site.Features: - calendar - FCK editor for an easy management of blog content - multilanguage support - RSS support - built in search - XHTML and CSS

  • Clickblog 2.0

    This script allows you to view and manage your online journal(blog) anytime, anywhere with just a browser.ClickBlog is a fully functional Active Server Pages (ASP) journal application that is easily incorporated into any existing web site that s

  • 1.3.2

    The ASCX page is included in the download to make customization simple. Here are some key features of "Joel.Net.WebLogs":· Works in any ASP.NET site (C#, VB.NET, etc.)· WebLogs use FreeTextBox 2.0 for a clean and functional look.· Spel

  • Jrn Component 0.3b

    JRN is a Web application that rolls all blogs on to one page.Initialy was created as a C# version of planet (, it has now became more than just a port.

  • Singleuserblog 4.0

    This is a blogging web application built from the ground up using .NET 2.0 and which showcases things such as the ASP.NET Portal Framework to build a pluggable web part framework for extending features.The overall architecture of this software is des

  • Joycode Blog System

    Joycode Blog System is based on Dottext 0.95 version. It was upgraded to ASP.NET 2.0 version, and add some new features, such as ASP.NET Ajax, WPF and WPF/e. It will support the below features: - Full-text search - page-enabled display - register as

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