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  • Affiliate Wiz 6.0

    Affiliate Wiz is ASP.NET affiliate tracking and marketing software for managing an affiliate marketing program. Associate programs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site while rewarding your affiliates for their participatio

  • Affiliate Program Asp

    This script is a simple yet functional affiliate program. It includes all the features that you need to run your own affiliate program. It's easy to setup and use with compared to other affiliate programs. Feautres - Admin upload banners (support unl

  • Syndicate Pro

    Syndicate Pro is server software for managing and distributing news headlines and other content over the internet. Web sites can signup as Affiliates and distribute your news content. These "Affiliates" could distribute the news for free, you might d

  • My Asp Affiliate Program 4.0

    My ASP Affiliate Program is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to run an affiliate program on your website. M.A.A.P is written in ASP/VBscript using Macromedia Ultradev, it is 100% customizable and extendible. Easy straight forward setup with only

  • Digiaffiliate 1.4

    DIGIAFFILIATE is a comprehensive Affiliate Program Management Software, offering Commission per sale or per lead and per click, 2-Tiers of commission, a banner manager (upload without dll), and customisable interface ... The system gives you full onl

  • Jiro´s Affiliate Manager 1.0

    JiRo´s Affiliate Manager (JAM) is a very powerful affiliate tracking software. Easily set up and manage your own affiliate program for your business. Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve m

  • Affiliate Program Software

    Affiliate Program Software offers the a solution for creating and managing an affiliate program installed on your own windows server. Features:Affiliate Software Links: Clean Links Support For best search engines placement results, you can creat

  • Drt-affstar

    DRT-AFFstar is an ASP script that allows you to promote your website by placing a static ad for your site on your visitor's/client's website. In exchange your visitor/client will recieve an ad which is rotated in your one banner slot. This allows you

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