Asp Web Calendar

ASP Web Calendar is a database driven server application. It is built on Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) technology and uses MS SQL or MS Access for its backend.

How can it be used?
- Can be used by people who travel extensively, log on from anywhere in the world that a connection can be established
- Can be used as a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly organizational tool, never miss another meeting again with instant dependable access
- Can be used only as a personal planner for the Mom or Dad on the go, the kids will thank you for not forgetting their soccer practice
- Every professional and/or Parent alike has to multitask, create several appointments or tasks for the same time period
- Restaurateurs and retail chain owners – Schedule employees with ASP Web Calendar, why should they call in to find out when their next shift is, pretty much everyone has access to a computer and the internet, save time efficiently with ASP Web Calendar.
- Distinguished professors and teachers – Schedule and post your students assignments, cancel a class, post messages or simply remind students of a due date.
- Students – never miss another deadline, schedule your class times, assignment due dates, exam dates, add your work schedule and head off any conflicts before they become an issue.
What are the benefits?
- User Profiles, set permissions for various levels of access to the Calendar
- Email Notifications
- Audit Log
- Calendar Preferences
- Multiple Calendars on the side bar for quick reference
- Daily, weekly, Monthly and Work Week views
- No components to install
- Database driven from MS Access or MS SQL server
- Custom made color selector for easy matching to your color schema. Have different font and background colors for weekends and weekdays.
- Color schema is handled in administration and in the CSS Style Sheet
- Complete recurring system of events. For example, every Monday or every 1st day of every second month. Or you can repeat your event only in specified dates
- Edit or delete all recurring events or a single entry entry within the group
- You can access your calendar from anywhere a connection to the web is made
- Users can have administration rights to change passwords and setting at will
- Printer friendly
- Reporting - Select date ranges and print reports
- Reporting - Export to excel for further analysis
- Customizable options in the administration allows you to change the colors to match your site
- Fun "emoticons" to attach to meetings or tasks. Add your own icons for more customization!

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