Asp Email Manager

ASP eMail Manager allows you to easily collect email addresses from visitors to your website and send out newsletters directly to your customers.

Software Features
- Collects email addresses and sends newsletters
- Easy to use - simple and intuitive to send and maintain your newsletter lists
- Easy to install and setup
- Low Cost - No recurring monthly cost or per-email costs
- Easy for visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe
- Send welcome and exit emails to users subscribing to your list.
Reasons for a newsletter mailing list
- Send announcements and news
- Connect with your visitors and clients
- Generate returning traffic
- Create a feedback loop into your website
- Send out rich content and HTML newsletters
- Manage public and private lists
Included features
- Support for large lists
- Support for multiple lists and easy list management
- Bulk import existing subscriptions
- Rich HTML editing in Internet Explorer and FireFox
- Support for mail merge fields
- Support for custom fields (Age, Favorite Color, Birthdates)
- Easy subscribe and un-subscribe forms
- No fuss email configuration and administration
- Built in search and update for registered users
- Private subscription lists to manage clients or personal lists
- Un-obfuscated source code of the software is available
- Easy integration with webhosts running WHM and cPanel
· IIS V4 or higher and a writeable database directory

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