Apphp Hotel Site Professional v4.0.3

Hotel owners can manage their room estate, while clients can make reservations for free available rooms. Here are some key features of "ApPHP Hotel Site Professional":
General Features:
· Object-oriented programming
· Hotel management
· Rooms and Room Types management
· Default and weekly day prices for rooms
· Bookings management and history
· Bookings statistics
· Reporting module
· Admin booking possibility
· Extras module
· Admins/Clients management
· Powerful Administrator Control Panel
· News module
· Gallery module
· Contact Us module
· Backip module
· Banners module
· Comments module
· Email Templates management
· Rooms availability calendar
· CMS for pages with WYSIWYG
· Multi-Language support
· Multi-Currency support
· Dynamic price calculation
· Clients registration and login
· Confirmation to members for a booking
· PayPal, 2CO payments and On-line orders
· VAT calculation by countries
· 2(two) embedded CSS templates
Administration Panel:
· Protected with password security and accessed from anywhere in web
· Manage admins and customers account details
· Manage hotel rooms and room types
· Manage rooms availability
· Manage languages
· Manage site settings and statistics
· Manage bookings and payments
· Add new pages, modify existing pages or delete existing
· etc.
Customers Account:
· Mange account info
· Manage current and previous bookings
· Search for available rooms
What's New in This Release:
· Meal Plans Management
· New type of Discount Campaigns
· Bank Transfer payment
· New FAQ module

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